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Holding a decent conversation with Aliens is easier than we're led to believe
If you keep your finger on the pulse of UFOology you'll realize that we have been talking to the Aliens for much longer than one would suspect. As with every other aspect of the UFO subject, it is almost indisputable that contact has been made and many of the barriers one might reasonably expect, regarding language, have already been overcome.

"We'll know our disinformation is complete when everything the American public believes is false." William Casey, Former CIA Director.

Unfortunately, because of all the secrecy, everybody in America and the planet for that matter was robbed of the experience of what took place in the early stages of contact. What an exciting time the past seventy-five years have been and the awe and wonder of following along as it happened has been stolen. It is one of the inevitable consequences of having big brother decide to keep this knowledge close to the vest and keep everybody else in the dark. Maybe they have good reason but I suspect the the real answer to all the secrecy is greed and self-interest.

Now it appears we are on the fast track to at least a partial disclosure. What is leaking out is that if the Governments of the world don't make the announcement soon than the ETs intend to. We are damaging our planet with over population, fossil fuels, pesticides and green house gases. Some progress is being made with closing the hole in the Ozone possibly using chemicals in jet fuels. People are starting to take note of all the vapor trails high up, however, there are still some serious problems that need cleaning up and the environment is facing irreversible harm unless something is done soon.

I'm digressing from the Communication issue, since it is pretty much a done deal. As I have pointed out in the past, there was a form of communication that developed quickly when the ETs started messing with our ballistic missile development programs. In 1947 the Extraterristerials, at White Sands Proving Grounds began to interfere with our V2 Rocket launches and we retaliated by shooting down several of their "Flying Discs." I suppose it's fair to say that this was a rather rudimentary form of communication. They escalated by shooting down our attacking fighters and some strategic bombers flying over the poles. We responded by ratcheting up our efforts to shoot down more of their flying saucers. They answered by shooting down a broader range of our aircraft to include commercial passenger flights. Finally a flotilla of space craft appeared over the capital in Washington and Truman gave the cease and desist order. These events are well documented and often referred to in UFOology. One of the early saucers that crashed was the famous Roswell Incident. A flying disk came down pretty much intact. Not only was the saucer brought down but one of the ETs was still alive. He arranged, using equipment in the craft and connecting it to the power source, to send a message to his superiors and contact was made. An exchange was set up. The problem was that he died and there were some serious problems with overcoming the language barrier. It turns out they had a tonal musical language quite different from the languages spoken on earth. Slow progress was made by both sides until each eventually succeeded in learning how to speak with the other. This led to an exchange remarkably similar to that portrayed in Stephen Speilberg's film "First Encounters of the Third Kind." Many believe that Speilberg had inside information as to what took place.

The point is that our communicating advanced from a pushing contest, to being able to coordinate an exchange that was leaked by a source named "Anonymous" that Len Kasten relates in his book, Secret Mission to the Planet Serpo. While parts of his book sounds like a CIA cover story other parts have been collaborated by credible sources and become part of the lore that is generally accepted as true.

At the present time there is more disclosure taking place than at any time in recent memory. Read my blog, watch the TV and if you are interested check out the host of U-Tube videos that deal with the whole Extraterrestrial issue. There is a new movie coming out with the title "Arrival." It deals with the language issue, which makes for good entertainment even though that aspect has been largely resolved. I've seen the trailers and it looks interesting. Keep in mind that there is so much miss- information out there generated by the hoaxers and the spooks that someone trying to become informed as to the truth gets spun around in a vortex of lies, sensationalism and Intelligence agency coverups. Sorting it all out is all but impossible. Something however, is about to happen and that something (Disclosure) is likely to come sooner than later. At least now we can sit down and have a decent conversation.
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