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When love from many girls push them bigger to the point beyond normal limits and beyond
It was an average day with the drama club planning out their possible part in the upcoming festival. They can't decide what to do and this may be the last time they get to part take in it before all but Tomoyo graduate. It would be nice if they could but Nagisa said that if they can't, she wouldn't mind.

"If we can't then I'm with her. It was a pain to get the club started and would be nice to get in a part in the festival." Kyou said.

Kyou looked at her twin sister Ryou and saw she was looking at Tomoya. When Ryou saw her sister looking at her, she blushed and tried to look away. Kyou knew her twin had a love for Tomoya and so did she. They knew Nagisa was his girlfriend and wanted his attention. He had a bit of a thing for something that no one would expect. He had a thing for female body inflation. It was a little strange but that got Kyou thinking. She might use that to her advantage. Though she was a bit of a disadvantage, Nagisa. To be specific, Nagisa was into body inflation as well and was an expert at it. The two of them met on the hill on the way up to school and Nagisa found out about his secret and that was why they were so close. That gave her an idea, an inflation play. She proposed that to the club and they thought about it. Nagisa would be the main focus since she knew the most of it and could get fairly big.

"Please, like we would humiliate ourselves in front of the whole school and that would be possibly against school rules. On top of that, we don't want to do that to Nagisa." Tomoyo said.

"I won't mind that. Though let’s possibly try with all of us to see how big we could all get." Nagisa said.

"I have another idea. Why not have a competition to see who could get bigger. Whoever gets bigger, they get Tomoya." Kotomi said.

They thought about it and agreed. Sunohara wanted to be with his best friend but decided not to go that far. He made a proposal to him. He said that whoever was the second biggest, he would take. That pushed them to become the biggest to get Tomoya. What they didn't know was that there were 3 others wanting in and heard it all. They came in and they were surprised it was Sunohara's sister Mei, the dorm mother Misae and Nagisa's mother Sanae. They agreed to let the three in and wondered how big they would get. Thinking about it, it could very on their height, weight and gender. Since all were female, it would eliminate that factor. Nagisa informed them that there is different kinds of inflation ranging from air to water to helium to blueberry and many other things. This was a little strange but they thought it through.

"By the way, what was the biggest you've ever gotten, Nagisa?" Ryou asked.

"Depending on what you're talking about. Breasts got to about 2 feet wide each. Butt, the same. Belly, a good 4 feet out of me. Full body, about 5 feet in diameter." Nagisa said.

That was impressive but they could tell they could get bigger or even push her bigger. Sanae knew her daughter could be the biggest but who knows. Thinking of the options, they decided to use only one to make it fair. They agreed on air for it was the easiest to use it and the best to start with. What they were unaware of what was going to happen to them when they go too far. They had only one electric pump to start with and decided to show how it's done.

"First is already done, deciding what to use. The next was to get set up. You can set up by putting the hose into your mouth or butt." Nagisa said.

She put the hose up her butt and started the pump. She could take it at full force and set it all the way up. They watched Nagisa blow up like a balloon to her limits. It was amazing to see a human blow up a balloon like she did in person. She waddled around they got ready. By now, they got 3 more pumps to do this. Kyou and Ryou was hooked up to one, Kotomi and Tomoyo on another, Misae and Sanae on another with Mei on the last for now until they decide to hook up Nagisa when ready. They got started and liked it all. They thought of changing out of their clothes but it was too late now. They liked it and hoped to win. A couple minutes passed when they started to show any inflation. They liked it and how things were going. Nagisa liked it for they were going out the same way she does.

"Wait, none of use asked what would happen if we get too big. What would happen if we reach our limits and pass it?" Ryou asked.

"Same thing that will happen when a balloon gets overinflated. We will explode." Nagisa said.

That didn't make them any better. But they went with it any ways. Botan looked at her owner and liked how she looks. Misae's cat felt the same which both of them liked. They kept getting bigger and bigger until they were nearing their limits. Now was a good time to hook Nagisa back up and Tomoya did. They kept going and hoped to be the biggest. Kyou asked something to be done. She asked Tomoya to inflate Botan as big as he could get her.

"Want me to pop her as well?" Tomoya asked.

"Don't you dare. If you pop her before I do, that is if I do, then you're done for." Kyou said.

"Mind doing the same to my cat?" Misae asked.

Tomoya got a pump with two hoses and got ready. They both got ready and he put the hose into their butts and started to pump. It took a bit to show a bit of inflation and liked it. They were inflating quite well and hoped for the best. This kept going until they heard a deep rumbling coming from someone. They wondered who until Tomoyo spoke up. She said it was her and looked at the grey haired girl. She held on as much as possible until she popped. That was their fate and it wasn't good. They kept going until they got a winner, even if it involves all the other's explode.

"What would happen if the boar or cat wins?" Misae asked.

"Then I guess I date a boar or cat." Tomoya said.

They kept going until 2 more started rumbling. It was the twins who were next. They looked at each other and smiled. They blew up like Tomoyo and now down to the last 5. Kotomi thought about it and figured out who was next. They asked and said it was her followed by Misae. They watched as Kotomi reach her limits before going out. A couple minutes passed before the same happened to Misae. Botan and Misae's cat looked at him as if asking to be popped. Tomoya pumped as hard as he could before stopping. He put a hose from one of the pumps into each of them before stepping back. Both popped like their owners and now down to the last three. Looking at the three of them, it looks like he's keeping Nagisa. She was the biggest of the three at roughly 15 feet in diameter. Sanae was a little smaller at roughly 13 feet in diameter while Mei was at 10 feet. She was ready to blow and smiled before doing so.

"It's between me and you mom." Nagisa said.

"It doesn't look to be much of a competition. You got to keep Tomoya and I'm with Sunohara." Sanae said.

They kept it up to see how big they could get. It looks like they might get quite large but were struggling to get up there. It may look like Nagisa would win while they continued to creak and moan like 2 giant balloons. Nagisa eventually stopped but Sanae continued to get bigger until they were the same size. Nagisa felt the pressure continue to build up in her but that wasn't going to make her any bigger. Sanae creaked bigger ever so slowly but not much. Sane watched as Nagisa's head slowly disappeared over her expanding chest. Both boys like this and had bit of a bump to show. Tomoya looked at Nagisa and saw 2 little bumps pop up off her under her out stretched top and knew what they were. Nagisa couldn't take anymore but Sanae had a bit of give left.

"Keep going mom." Nagisa said.

"Are you done?" Sanae asked.

"Too...much...pressure. Can't...take...anymore. Going...to...blow."

Nagisa popped like the rest leaving Sanae to have her fun with Tomoya. Sunohara was disappointed that he got no one form this. Sanae was a married woman and knew she could sneak around to have some fun with Tomoya. He liked it and when she was deflated, the two had as much fun together as possible. One day Sunohara slipped in and caused Sanae to over inflate. When Tomoya arrived, he found Sanae as inflated as she could get at roughly 24 feet in diameter. She told him everything and she would hold on as much as possible while he dealt with Sunohara. Tomoya tracked him down and started to inflate him.

"If I can't have a girl, no one can." Sunohara said.

Tomoya forced him to inflate until he explodes in his dorm room. While doing so, Tomoya rushed back to Sanae just in time. While he was rushing back, Sunohara blew up leaving part of the dorms destroyed. Sanae liked it and said she saw it happen. They thought that when he left to deal with Sunohara, she was as big as she could get but was wrong. She went from a near blimp with hands, feet and a head when he left to a giant balloon with a human face on top and the patter of her shirt and pants painted up on her upper body and lower body respectively.

"Time for me to go boom now." Sanae said.

She popped when she hit her 45 foot mark. That was all of his friends plus the husband of the woman he won. Akio abandoned shop for what's about to happen to Sanae for a better, non-inflated girl. Tomoya wondered what to do before he realized Sanae's explosion knocked him back onto an air pump. He smiled for it was going to happen to him like the others.
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