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In the update,Neil will find a little hint about 'where to find Macy'.
All the books I had been carrying for the past 15 minutes fell down by the harsh force I got. I looked up to find smiling Macy.

"Why you never watch where you go?"

"I was watching"

"Where?Up in the sky or down to your foot,because you still crashed into me."

"I was watching you" she poked my cheek and walked past me into the third room I assumed her history class .

Sighing I bent down to pick all the books. After two minutes I finally stood up to my feet.

"Hey Neil" Sam said the moment I took my first step.


"What happened?"

"Macy happened"

He laughed a little before shaking his head "she always does happen to you"

"Seems like that" I smiled at the thought of our new relationship. It's only been two days since we got together.

"How you guys been doing?"

"She is being extra clumsy." I chuckled when I remembered how intentionally she crashed into me.

"She likes you a lot you know,you should never let her go" Sam said with a serious face and I nodded in agreement.

"See you,Bro" He patted my shoulder and walked to his next class leaving me alone in hallways with a thought I am still scared of .

Never let her go

The ringing of my phone brought me back to the present from the stained memories land.

I answered the call without looking at the caller Id.




When no body spoke on the other side I looked at the caller ID and found something which always had frustrated me.

I had been getting these blank calls for almost six months. I tried tracking the number but it never helped,every single time I ended up with -

This number does not exist.

How could it be possible?If this number does not exist then how the hell somebody is capable of calling me from the same number.

I cut the call and switched off my phone.

Lying down on my bed I looked at ceiling of my room. The thought of her again filled my head and reminded me how empty and helpless I was without her.

18 months

A long time without her.

I knew she had not ran,Of course she had not.

Why would she ?

She was not involved in drugs.

No,she was not.

Let them talk shit,I know the truth,something had happened to her.

She is waiting,waiting for me.

My thoughts drifted to the night she disappeared.

She was last seen with Aiden in his car,but she never told me about leaving with him. She said she was 'taking a cab to her home as she was drunk' not a ride with Aiden.

I felt my hands clutched the sheets dangerously tight when I thought of him.


Before I could drown myself in red I heard a knock on main door.

I dragged myself out of the bed lazily and headed towards the door glancing on the clock on the way.

"H--eeee...y" I found Cole at the door step.

"Hey,whats up"

"Just trying to dance in this snowfall,would you mind joining me?"

"No thanks"

I tried to close the door but he stopped the door by sticking his feet out.

"Are you gone insane?Here I am wondering out for your sake in this god knows what's raining in the name of snow and you are just closing the door on my face"

He ranted in high voice actually yelled ....but

Who cares?


Not even in hell.

I sighed in frustration and gestured him to come inside.

"Why are you out if you can't take this temperature?"

"I have a news about Macy's whereabout but I think you don't want me her-"

"Do you want coffee?"

"Aha,I like your manners"

"You know what skip this shit and tell me what you have"

"First get me a drink,have you seen how cold I am ?"

"I don't drink and you know it."

"But I drink and you know it too."

"Cole,I am giving you money for this.So please stop messing with me and tell me what is it."

"Fine,but can I have water at least?" he asked sitting on the sofa.

I went to kitchen without anymore words to get whatever shit he wanted.

"Do not dare to touch that" I shouted the moment I entered the living room. I walked to him and snatched the photo frame from his hands.

"Why are you so possessive of her?"

I threw the water bottle in his direction with no warning.

"Are you telling me now what news you have?"

He rubbed his nose glaring at me. Cole opened his mouth but this time,I interrupted him when I remembered something .

"Wait,I want to ask you something first"


"ummm..look maybe what I am going to say will sounds weird but .....do you think any legal authority would fix camera in an alley where no one goes?"

"what are you saying?"

"okay,so it happened about two nights ago,I heard some strange noises in the alley. Its weird but I found a camera there like someone had very securely fixed it,away from the sights,so the person does not get caught"

I looked at Cole and the level of attention he was giving, surprised me.

"What do you think could be the purpose of a camera in an alley where no one goes?" I asked him when he didn't speak.

"What you heard there?"

"Ummm ' wherefore art thee going home?' "



"Who use old English now?"

"Clearly someone is using it out there"

I closed my eyes leaning my head on the top of sofa. I heard Cole mumbling something but I ignored him.

"I think someone fixed it for playing pranks on people like scaring them, recording their reaction and then making them viral online."

I opened my eyes hearing his assumption.

It could be possible,nowadays people are doing anything to get famous online.

"I guess you are right.Leave this stupid things now tell me what news you have" I started feeling nervous suddenly.

I rubbed my hands together to fade the sudden presence of coldness and numbness in my body.

"You remember the party after which she got disappeared?"

"How could I forget that?"

"Then you must have remembered those five guys too who had got away and as of rumors including Macy too when cops busted the party."

"She didn't run away" I gave him a warning glare.

"I found two of them"


He leaned his body forward and kept his hands on his knees.

"Chances are they know where she is."
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