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I made a call that threatens destruction for the target.
She walked in as I was about to leave.
I hate waiting. In this business, time is money and idle time is costly.
She pulled out a chair across from me.
“Sorry for being late. Thanks for squeezing me in.” She said with a heavy Middle Eastern accent.
I ignored her apology and glanced at my watch; I had less than thirty minutes to my next delivery.
I picked up my phone and swiped the screen, “Let's cut to the chase.”
The woman's eyes darted around the room; she was clearly nervous.
She need not be. We were the only ones in the cafe, just as I expected before the rush of the lunch hour crowd.
“What's your decision?” I asked.
“Dan must pay.” She declared.
“What should I know about Dan?” I asked. This is a standard question and my clients usually provide the ammo I need.
“He's married with kids.”
I smiled. Married ones are the easiest, especially when there's much to lose.
“Do you have the other info I asked for?” She nodded and clutched her bag.
I extended my hand into which she placed a business card – Dan Stephens, Producer, Hollywood Pictures. I tapped his number in my phone and after a few rings, Dan answered.
I swung into gear.
“Dan Stephens, you don't know me, but I know your secret. I can destroy your career and happy marriage.” I paused for the tirade. They all react like this when threatened.
“In 15 minutes I’ll email you a sample of the dirt I have on you. Then, I'll give you my demands.”
I hung up before he could react.
I smiled at my new client.
Mrs. Ramdeen, you may deposit my balance into the account number I gave you.

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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/2163347-The-Threat