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For me. I don't know the reason what life is happening....
For me. I don't know the reason what life is happening till I found the unconditional love and supportive of my parents, friends and loveones. I knew that every single minute that I spent of my life was the "unique side" of cherishing remembrance like the moment "gotta have feeling" so I said to myself, "Why I have do such an experience like this?". I felt like moron and idiot because the person who I referring to was "loving by other else". I knew that my heart became so trouble when I heard the words coming from you "please forget about us. Please, Shirla. Its been five years, why you hadn't still moving on?Why?" These phrases was pasted and stitched of my cerebellum mind-where about I can't forget on my memory.

Right after I heard his own voice, my heart feels flushed and scratched like doodling about anything. I can't feel the sun shine but I felt weak everytime. I wanted to say "sorry and again, asking repeatedly to you that I'm unforgivable. Perhaps I shouldn't be brave enough to handle the pain. Your love for me was still missing on my unsolved color rubiks cube, where I have to complete the set of colour but it was not perfect. Right because you don't noticed my filling heart that I owed to you.

Yeah. Its fine and felt pink, rather. Thank you for the time and considerations. Hahaha. We're not friends, right? Yeah. We're not connected here in Facebook anymore. That's why, Thank you for the wasting time that we had before and worst we'd met when don't have to be! Bye!

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