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A reference list for the interactive story Girtha Seven
Girtha Seven is a large planet linked to the Galactic Republic. The technology here is particularly advanced, built for the comfort of its denisons. The native race is dying out so they have allowed other races who wish to adopt their ways and live in luxury. The planet has a weight based class system.


Girthians - A giant humanoid race with light purple skin. They are fat and heavy, yet strong enough to carry their impressive girth. They are an entirely female race, ancient and wise. They stand at an impressive 15-20ft tall and weighing ungodly amounts of muscles and fat they are truly the queens of the planet.

Slog - A insectoid race with extreme differences between the malke and female of the race, though both sexes have six arms. The males are small, thin and subserviant with a chitinous body. Always willing to serve a larger being, many say that they enjoy it. The females on the other hand are fat with a slug like body. The males serve them like a queen. Many females seek out other races often enjoying their rections to their gelatenous, smiley bodies.

Human - You know what these are, relatively hairless primates. Usually around 5-6ft. However, many humans on Girthia Seven take enhancements to better enjoy their life of sloth or to serve.

Hipolian - Large mammialian creature that are similar in appearance to the hippos of Earth. They are fat, powerful creatures that are humanoid in shape and like to throw their weight around. The obsession with size on Girthia Seven fit with their interests. They range from 5-8ft tall.

Serpile- A reptilian race, standing taller than humans at 8-10ft tall. Their size makes them naturally strong making them excellent servants. Their race is traditionally known as a warrior race, fitting of their sharp teeth, claws and powerfu, muscled tails. That is not to say that they do not enjoy luxury. Many achieve higher rankings in Girthian society, becoming bloated masses of scales, claws and fang.

Class system - From High to Low. The higher the rank the more the indiviual weighs and the more influence the individual has.

Girthian - Girthians have ultimate say on their planet. Though some individuals of other races can achieve an honourary Girthian rank. They are the planets royalty. Average weight is not defined but no Girthian class individual weighs less than 1000lbs.

Upper segment - The biggest of the big and the fattest of the fat. They are the celebrities of the planet. Everyone wants to be them or serve them. Average weight, 500lbs+

Lower Segment - Individuals who live a good life. Many strive to rise up to the upper segment while others are content with their lot in life and the inlfuence they have. Average weight, 200lbs -500lbs

Service class - Those who volunarily live on Girthia to serve the larger beings. These are volunteers to love to serve thier masters and mistresses. They perform most of the day to day tasks.

Prisoner class - Many planets send their prisoners to the planet to serve some of the more dangerous or demanding inhabitants. They are essnetially a slave class.
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