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A Kindergarten boy and girl chat during recess. Written for The Dialogue 500.
“Jenny is a snot.”
“Richie likes her.”
”Then Richie is a snot, too. A big fat snot.”
“Wanna see the picture I drew?”
“Promise not to laugh.”
“I promise. No, wait. What if it’s a funny picture?”
“If it was a funny picture, I wouldn’t make you promise not to laugh.”
“So do you promise?”
“I promise. No, wait. Is it a sad picture? ’Cause I don’t want to cry.”
“It’s not sad. It’s not funny or sad.”
“Here it is.”

“What’s that brown thing?”
“That’s Biff. He’s my dog.”
“Where’s his tail?”
“Right there, where it’s supposed to be.”
“That’s his tail? Why is it blue?”
“I left my brown crayon on the windowsill, and it melted.”
“Ooh. I bet your mommy was mad.”
”No she wasn‘t.”
”My mommy would be really mad.”
“My mommy doesn’t know yet, 'cause I put a book on top of it.”
“Why is your dog called Biff?”
“That’s the name he had when we got him.”
My dog’s name is Rosco.”
“Is that the name he had when you got him?”
“No. We got him when his mommy had him. And his name was just Puppy, until my brother named him Rosco.”
“Wanna go on the swings?”
“And after, we can go on the slide.”
“My brother fell off the slide once. He broke his arm, and he said he’ll never go on a slide again.”
“I’ll slide down with you. And if you start to fall off, I’ll hold you on."
“I wish that snot Jenny would fall off the slide.”
“Knock knock.”
“Who’s there?”
“Olive who?”
“Olive the .... I forgot.”
“That’s a stupid joke.”
“It wasn’t the whole joke. I forgot how it goes.”
“I don’t know anybody named Olive.”
“I don’t either.”
“Knock knock."
“Who’s there?"
“Howard who?"
“Howard I know?”
“That’s funny.”
“That’s because I remembered the whole joke.”
“Oh, you think you’re so special.”
“Maybe I do and maybe I don’t.”
“Wanna go on the slide?”
“We didn’t go on the swings yet.”
“Okay, let’s go on the swings.”
“Knock knock.”
“Who’s there?”
“Never mind.”
“Never mind who?”
“No, never mind the knock knock joke. You wouldn’t like it anyway.”
“How do you know I wouldn’t like it?”
“You just wouldn’t.”
“Wanna go on the swings?”
“We can’t.”
“Why not?”
“Because it’s time to go back inside. See? Mrs. Johnson is waving at us.”
“I like Mrs. Johnson.”
“So do I.”
“Knock knock.”
“Who’s there?”
“I who?”
“I who like you.”
“I like that knock knock joke. And I like you, too.”
“Let’s get married.”
“Okay. But I have to ask my mommy first.”
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