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This is a Song Analysis of OK GO's "The One Moment" for Community Challenge 'Media Prompt'
THE ONE MOMENT; EVERY MOMENT. (Song Analysis) - 443 words

If there is one thing I take from the song The One Moment, it is to not like life like a spectator. But rather forge into every moment with the same enthusiasm as you would the good. This is because, it is not only the good that makes you who you are. It is also the neutral, and yes, the bad.

I very the song, as the video, as someone’s life span. The fact that they showed you the majority of it sped up; where it took only 4.2 seconds to complete is their way of saying life is short. To then run through it again in slow motion, so you can capture the details suggests they wanted you to think about slowing down and looking at the details of your own life.

For me, this makes me think of how things around you are always going to go wrong. There is nothing you, or anyone else can do to stop that. However, you can control how you react to them.

“This will be the one moment that matters, and this will be the one thing we’ll remember. And this will be the reason you have been here, and this will be the one moment that matters.” - When I hear these lines alongside the skilfully put together video, I am flooded with moments of my own life that defined me.

I believe this is the point. Apart from the bright splashes of paint, there is only white and grey as a backdrop. As though those splashes are the moments. Even the band are dressed in shades of grey, as if to make them stand-ins for you.

It’s as if the whole video and song are designed to inspire this exact reaction from you. To make you think not only your past experiences, but also how you want to move forward with new ones. – I know it does for me.

As I listen to this I think about how I can change my view on my life. Is there a way I can think more positively about my less than perfect experiences? I am left wanting to make changes to my life.

It is this kind of positive and powerful art we need more of. With clear yet universal messages, such as the one in this video… ‘This is your life, it goes fast. How do you want to live it?’ I am enthralled and moved by this song and its video. I love the feeling it gives you as you listen to it.

My question now is; what will you take from it?

Louisa M.
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