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Rated: ASR · Novel · Romance/Love · #2163471
Maggie wakes up in Marshall's bed
Chapter 11 - The Morning After

Maggie cracked her eyes open, letting the light from the billowing cream colored curtained windows slowly sink in. Glancing at the small clock on the bedside table, it surprised her to see  8:30 am. Though considering all the reclined gymnastics from the marvelous night before, she shouldn’t be surprised. She placed her arms over her head, pointed her toes and allowed her body to stretch then turned on her back.

Rotating her head to the side she found Marshall lying on his side, his head propped up on his hand. "Good morning handsome," she whispered with a smile. Dressed in running shorts, his hair  damp but combed, Marshall looked eatable. Reaching out she skimmed her fingers lightly down his muscular arm. Muscles by the mile flexed under her touch. His physique fascinated her. He didn't look like he belonged on a wrestling magazine, but every men or women’s magazine should beg him to pose for them.

"Good morning Sunshine." He leaned forward and gave her a gentle kiss. "Did you sleep well?"

"Oh ya, best I've slept in a long time. You been up for long?"

"About two and a half hours. Already took my morning run, had a shower and checked my schedule."

"Am I keeping you from something?” Maggie started to sit up, “You should’ve woken me."

"Nope. I don't have any appointments until the afternoon." He reached out, pushed her back down and trailed his fingers down her chest leaving a tingling between her breasts. "Two appointments today actually. One for a meet-and-greet for a client and then one for a BBQ tonight. The BBQ client wants at least one friendly face in the crowd." Marshall's smile lit up the room. He picked up her hand and rubbed small circles on the back of it with his thumb. "Apparently I’m supposed to be the friendly face. What do you think? Is this a friendly face?" Marshall turned his face in profile and raised his chin.

Maggie giggled. "Oh my yes." Maggie turned on her side and placed her hand on the side of his face. "Your face is one of the friendliest ones around. Would I be too forward if I asked to kiss your friendly face?"

"No, baby, you can kiss any part of me you want for as long as you want."

"Ummmm...." Maggie felt the heat working its way from her chest, heading to her hairline. She had blushed all her life, much to the joy of several people who either liked to tease her or humiliate her. After 61 years you would think she would’ve outgrown the phoneme. Nope!

She reached up, putting her hand behind Marshall's neck and pulled him down until their lips met. What started as a simple kiss quickly morphed into a whole body experience as Marshall took her to the moon in a long slow electrified trip.
Two hours later she snuggled in close, arms and legs tangled together. The fuzzy, comfortable world surrounding her, perfect.

o o o o o o o o o o

Marshall watched the woman in his bed doze. He didn’t want to wake her. Terry his partner, the one who usually took the face to face meetings, because he handled face-to-face meeting better, insisted he come to the 1:00 client meeting. Terry texted him the Client insisted all parties involved in the escort attend.

Reaching out he rubbed his hand up and down Maggie's arm. "Hay, sweetness we need to get up and get moving. I have a meeting in a couple hours. I want to take you out to eat first." Marshall chuckled when Maggie tried to get closer.

"Okay, in a moment."

"No, now love." He swatted her on the arse. "If you want a shower first you need to move now." Marshall pulled the sheet off her and rocked her toward the edge of the bed.

"Oh okay. You sure can be mean sometimes," her grumpiness accompanied with a smile.

"Go shower and get dressed. We will go eat, and I'll take you to your car. Do you have anything you need to get accomplished today?"

As she walked away, a perfect sway to her hips, she said over her shoulder, "No my day is free. I'll find something to do though."

Marshall smiled and walked toward the bathroom. Through the door he asked, "How would you like to come to the office with me? The meeting should only last about half-an-hour or so. We can find some place for a late lunch and then I can deliver you to your car."

"All right."  He walked to the kitchen and started the coffee. Everyone tried to get him to get one of those fancy single cup machines, but Marshall liked good old fashion perked brew. He checked his messages on the laptop he kept on the kitchen island, while he waited.. He had three-step sisters, so he settled in for the wait. To his surprise Maggie came out within fifteen minutes, dressed in her clothes from the night before. "You’re quick."

"I never take long showers. Learned a long time ago to not run out of hot water." She shivered. "It’s not fun."

Chuckling, Marshall grabbed her around the waist and pulled her in close. "You use as much hot water as you want, Sunshine." He playfully kissed her on the mouth, along her jawline and then back down her neck. "Yumm... you taste good, but if I keep this up we will never get out of here." Giving her one last soul wrapping kiss, he stepped away. "Drink your coffee and we'll go and get breakfast." He looked at his watch. "Ummm… I mean brunch."

Twenty-five minutes, more kisses, and a few hugs and some serious snuggling later they left the house and headed out to find a restaurant.

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