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by Leslie
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Magic is real, she knew it.
Elena knew one thing, magic was real. Despite what her relatives said she knew it existed. She could feel it in the air, feel it in her bones and in her blood. The way sparks ignited at her fingertips when she grew angry, or how she could speak to animals. Magic explained everything.

Sophia, Elena's best friend, denied everything. No matter how many times Elena showed her what she could do. Sophia deemed it abnormal, just down right impossible. Yet that nagging feeling in her head, telling her how wrong she was, how everything would soon change.


Elena's eyes fluttered open, revealing two green orbs. Her body shivered, her blanket lay forgotten at the bottom of her bed. A knock at her bedroom door swept away her sleepiness. She scrambled out of bed and rushed to the door, her mother stood straight, a stern look in her eyes. "What's all that ruckus?" She demanded, her mother could hear anything from a mile away even when there was no noise at all.

"Nothing, mother." Elena sighed.

Her mother's eyes narrowed, trying to detect sarcasm, not finding any she nodded stiffly before walking away.

Elena rolled her eyes and headed to her closet looking for an outfit. She settled for a pink floral top and white short shorts. She pulled her hair into a messy ponytail, grabbing her pink vans, she walked out her room. She had a good feeling about today. Something amazing was going to happen.
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