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by Dave
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in a Double Chain Link poem
Originally entered in Round 87, July, 2018, of the "Pond Poetry - ON HIATUS! contest:

The Puppy's Portrait

Blank canvas waits on easel's frame,
as pup behaves like some grande dame.
The painter takes his brush from base
and starts his task with pomp and grace
in order to promote his name.

When artist paints the doggy's face
and pigments color empty space,
arranged in glowing graphic style
to show her Mona Lisa smile,
emotions flow at rapid pace.

Her cute expression will beguile,
but she prefers her domicile,
instead of silly spotted bowl
adrift atop that grassy knoll
with polka dots so juvenile.

While managers coax and cajole
with treats and other rigmarole,
that little pup turns quite the ham,
like those who pose on Instagram,
until she tires of playing role.

She's had enough of artsy sham
and only wants a rapid scram,
so she can finally reclaim
her freedom from the toll of fame,
'cause she cares not a tinker's damn.


Author's notes:

1. This is an expansion of the Interlocking Rubaiyat concept ( http://lotrscrapbook.bookloaf.net/poetry/forms/rubai.html ) to five line stanzas instead of four, resulting in a rhyme scheme of aabba, bbccb, ccddc, etc., until the last stanza links back to the first with xxaax, which I call the Double Chain Link.

2. 25 lines

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