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a princess who is lonely in a world where no one cares until someone good comes along
Chapter 1

Long, long time ago there was a queen who made sure at night time all the stars shine as bright as the moon did at night time it was her duty to get each star to shine as the moon lit up the sky. The queen also had a daughter which didn't really have much friends as the other girls in the land of the stars often use to make fun of the princess. The queen only wanted to see the princess happy and one day be a great queen . When the princess was only 5 years old the king died saving the land of the stars there was war in the land of the stars. A king from another planet only wanted the stars for himself and didn't care that it could bring sadness to people from other planets . Some planets needed the stars as the light they gave out from shining so bright gave them light on the planet which meant they could do what they do on a daily bases as they sleep during the day and are awake night time and unlike Earth they don't have electricity.

The king fort the battle wisely he did win the battle but as he shot his bow and arrow into the evil king James the evil king James shot a bow and arrow at the king before dying and all evil king James evil knights were never seen again. It was a sad day for the queen Alice and her daughter the princess June. The princess was very close to her dad the king. The princess cried and refused to leave her room for days until the queen forced her to get out of her room and made her favourite meal and gave her the cross the king use to wear around his neck with her name on and told her every time you think of the king just remember he is there with you watching over you.

Now the princess is 18 years old and lonely as she has no friends but the queen does what she can to comfort her. Every day the princess helps the queen get the stars in place. One day there was a new family in the planet of the stars they use to live on the same planet as the evil king James which is now run by a new king the evil king son Jack and he banned the family as they didn't want to be evil like every one else. Before there was an evil king the planet use to be good and everyone loved being nice until the evil king took over the planet and turned everyone evil but this family was in hiding the evil king son Jack found them hiding under ground and tried to make them evil but they refused to be evil so they were banned and they found themselves in space finding a new place after a couple of days they found themselves on this planet called Planet of the stars queen Alice had a device that let them know of any new people on the planet even if they were just visitors.

The device could tell if you good or evil. The queen got notified by one of the guards at the gate in the beginning of the planet and decided to see them she was told the device shows they good but she needs to make sure. When the queen got to the gate she saw a man and his wife with his son looking desperate to find a planet. They told the queen they came from the evil planet they were banished from the planet as they didn't want to be evil like every one else they all were turned evil many years ago but they managed to live underground until they were found by the king son Jack and banned from the planet he thought that they never make it alive to another planet. The queen allowed them through the entrance of the planet . She also gave them a place to stay and invited them to a tour of the planet. The queen also asked the boy who was also 18 years old if he could come help her get princess June happy again and that since the king passed on she has been sad and doesn't have friends and some of the other girls are mean to her. The boy agreed and they went on a tour of the planet . They were shown where they live where the boy can go to college to learn a career the planet has a learning system where they put you through a test to see what career is best for you and than teach you everything you need to know in that career and when you done you get a job in that career. When the queen was done with the tour she invited them to lunch so they can meet all the people that protect the planet when anything goes wrong.

The princess was introduced to the family and the boy she was a bit shy , but also surprised why would anyone be nice to her or even talk to her? The queen was now starting to feel happy that the princess has a friend , but that is only if they get along. She asked the boys parents what jobs did they have before the evil king James came along the boy's mother said she use to make all the king and queen's outfits that she was the royal clothes maker and the boy's dad was a bus driver for a high school. The queen told the lady her royal clothes maker was looking for an assistant and that its at least something than nothing and the lady agreed and asked when would she be starting her job? Was told when the patrol guards told her they were settled in.

The queen watches over everyone outside their homes and businesses so they still can have a private life. Its been like this since the war ended. It was to make sure anyone that if anyone could by pass the system you could easily detect it. The queen than told the man we can go get you tested and see what else you can do and than give you a job in that field. May I present to you the head of my police on my planet of the stars he has been the head of the police force for 13 years and we had no complains at all. This is the group of police force that work with the head of police and then here we have the royal army with only the best knights. The queen even asked if they had any stuff the Knights could move into their new home? The lady told the queen everything they owned was taken by the evil king son Jack and had nothing but their space car and the clothes on their bodies. The queen told them that they could go to the charity shop and get what they needed and once they started working they could buy everything else as they earned money. The knights escorted the family to the charity shop and once they were done they were taken home and started settling in. Few days later the queen was having a picnic with the princess when two girls came pass and made fun of the princess . The queen told them since it wasn't nice to do so she would meet with their parents and put an end to all this as its really rude to be mean to the princess and if they cant control their children than the queen would have to put them to some community work where they will be learning to be nice to others. Although the planet is a good planet like all places you do find bad people who can be nasty and as much as you don't like it there is only so much you can do. The queen got a meeting set up with the girls parents to speak about their behaviours and to the queen surprise the girls parents has told the queen to make them do community work any way it would only make them better people in life.

A few days later the princess met up with the boy as he asked her to go to the beach with him. The princess agreed and went with the boy to the beach. At the beach they decided to get to know each other. The princess asked the boy his age and name. He told her his name is Chad and he is 18 years old and he asked the princess her name and age. The princess told Chad her name was June and she was 18 years old and she also asked him where he came from and what is like on the planet he comes from? Chad told princess June he came from the planet of Titan. He also told her he doesn't know what it is like living there before the evil king James came and took over the planet as he wasn't born yet. Though people use to say the king took care of his planet and the people on it , but when the evil king James took over he killed the king and told people if they didn't become evil spies or join his evil army and take over the world he would kill them. Those who worked with him were promised riches and great power. Chad told Princess June that the evil king James took over planet Titan when he was only 1 years old. The princess was so shocked she even asked him what happen to the people who refused to stand with the evil king James and do as he says?

Chad told the princess they got killed if they had children they would first kill them and if they still refused than they would kill their wives. Still refused they killed you. The princess was so shocked and asked how did you escape? Chad told June the evil king Jack let his family go as he believed they wouldn't survive in space. He believed that they would actually die. June asked Chad how did they survive space until they found this planet? Chad told June that his father found a book that was all about spaceships and how they work and that he used the book to teach him about spaceships as its a lot different from driving a school bus. He even planed their escape by leaving their planet in a spaceship. June told Chad that's terrible and does he ever think the planet could be restored if they could defeat the king Jack? Chad told June that he was a very powerful king and every person who came his way that tried to get rid of him was killed. The rest of the afternoon at the beach and when night time came Chad took June back to the castle and said his goodbyes.

A few days later Mary Chad mom started her new job as Rachel the royal clothes maker assistant they spent the day designing a dress for the queen as she wanted a new dress for the opening of the new supermarket that's being built. They even made new outfits for the knights as the queen gave them new uniforms every year. As for Chad’s father Mack, he had to go to the royal college to take a test to see what job he should be placed in. Few hours later when the test was done Mack got his result which showed he be great at teaching people how to drive, luckily for him the driving school was looking for a new teacher to give driving lessons. Mack was asked to start on Monday as it was already Friday and the school isn’t open on weekends. Chad also had his test the same day to see what’s best to study and his result came out that he be a great chef. Chad always enjoyed helping his mom in the kitchen so he couldn’t wait to go home and share the new but first he had to roll in to the college cooking course. Later that day when he was on his way home he saw that June was sitting on a park bench all by herself. Chad decided to go and say hi to the princess. He also asked why she was sitting alone. June told Chad she was waiting for her mother to join as they were going to go for a nice evening stroll along with going to light up the stars for all the other planets who are up at night and asleep by day. Chad asked if he could come along and June said that would really be nice but I would have to ask my mother first, but you can wait with me while I ask her. June asked her mother who politely said no maybe another time said June and the queen nodded.
Chad than said bye see you soon. Once Chad was gone June asked her mother why he couldn’t come with and was told you may not know this but many times evil king Jack has tried many times to rule this planet and failed. How do we not know that this time he is using this family to help him steal our planet? The only home we have ever known. I do give him and his family the benefit of the doubt but sometimes we must be careful and to not let our guard down. I promise as soon as there is proof we can really trust them, than you can bring him along. June nodded as she understood what her mom was saying. The next two days went by quickly and it was the first day at college for Chad and first day at work for Mack. As Chad was on his way to college he saw June and went over to say hi. She said hi back. Chad asked if everything was alright with the queen the other night. June replied sure there is nothing wrong my mother only wanted some time alone with me. She didn’t dare tell chad that her mother wasn’t sure if he and his family were trust worthy. Big day today Chad how does it feel to be studying hospitality asked June. Chad replied I don’t know but I am sure I will find out by the end of day than I can tell you. He asked her if she goes to school and June replied no I am home schooled and said I got be off my mother is probably worried about where I am. Chad asked maybe later we can go to the beach again? June said sure see you at 4pm than we can watch the sun go down. June secretly started having a crush on Chad who wasn’t a bad looking boy for his age. June got to the castle to find her mother waiting at the gate. June you can’t just leave whenever you like, you never know if the evil king James sends people to kidnap you. For leaving this morning without saying a word you are grounded and the Knights will make sure you don’t leave again. June was a bit upset and said but mother I told Chad that I would see him this afternoon at the beach and you know that he has been the only person wanting to be my friend. I also know that you wanted him to be nice to me and a friend to me but what good will it be if I don’t show or try to form a friendship? The queen said fine but you must let me or one of the knights know where you going. Now get inside young lady you have home schooling and you late. June hurried inside and the queen stayed outside in the castle garden waiting for the head of police and the head of the castle Knights to show up for their weekly meeting with the queen.

Finally the two men arrived and the queen told them to have a seat. Today we need to get through a lot of stuff as a lot happened this week. Sure said the policeman I have kept my eye on that new family they seem fine to trust but will keep checking as for crime we have nothing and it’s been two months since any attack from evil king James . The head of knights said well I have been watching Chad with the princess and he won’t come near the castle unless she invites him must be a good sign but like you say we need to be careful. What are you going to do if the princess falls in love with him? I hear you and you make a really good point and I am not a bad person who will try keep them apart besides June has been lonely and gone through a lot and I guess a bit of happiness is needed. Time will tell who they really are if the two fall in love we just have to hope for the best as for now I will spend more time with Chad and his family and get to know them better. Everyone agreed that would be a great idea. Thank you gentleman see you both at our next meeting or if anything happens soon I see you than and keep your eyes open for that evil king.
Few hours passed and Chad rushed home as he couldn’t wait to go to the beach. As he got home he found his mother was home early. His mother asked how college was. Chad told his mom that it was so exciting and that tomorrow they will be cooking their first dish and rushed up to his room his mother asked him what the rush was and said he will be meeting the princess at the beach soon. So you like the princess. Just be careful I do get the feeling the queen don’t trust us we don’t want to give them a reason to not trust us at all cause than we might not have anywhere to go. Please don’t do anything stupid. Chad left and went to the beach to wait for the princess. Meanwhile the princess was getting ready to leave when the queen stopped her in her tracks. Listen June before you go I wanted to give you this invite to give to Chad to give to his parents I am inviting them for dinner tomorrow evening and please don’t be back late or make me come looking for you. June interrupted her mother I know mother but, I can’t just be home all day what good will that make me as a queen some day?
Later that afternoon she got to the beach and found Chad waiting and asked him hope I haven’t been making you wait too long sorry I am late. Chad replied no its fine I haven’t been here long anyway how are you? I am fine how are you? I am really good college was really exciting and how was home schooling? June replied it was the same as always so what you feel like doing? Well for now just watch the waves and everyone around us. I do enjoy people watching it’s nice to see all the types of people you get. We could get an ice-cream Sunday if you up to it. Sure that would be nice before I forget my mom says I must give you this envelop with an invite to dinner tomorrow your family has been invited as well. Wow this is really nice my parents will like this back on Titan we never had friends as we were too busy hiding. My parents will be happy to come what time would you say is best time to show up? My mom did say 7pm so come than and dress in something a bit formal but partly casual
Meanwhile at the castle the queen received Intel that the evil king Jack has been seen planning an attack on the planet but, rumours yet to be confirmed. The queen got worried and called the head of knights to come in. Please Sir John have a seat so sorry to call you at this hour but, there are rumours from the sunflower planet that evil king Jack has been seen planning an attack on this planet I want you to send one of your knights to investigate and talk to the sunflower who saw this and get back to us and I would like you to go to the beach and get June and bring her home. Just so we know she’s safe till we know what’s going on and take a knight with you to escort the boy home we don’t want the evil king finding out that they are here. Sure I will be on my way and I am sure it’s nothing but, rumours. So does this mean we need to cancel tomorrow’s dinner with chad family? Definitely not we need to get to know them what if their evil or something and if June is going to spend more time with chad than I need to know them and they could be the key to defeating the evil king. What do I tell the two of them on why they need to head home? Sir John just tell the Knight who is taking Chad home that something came up that June has to deal with as she is learning to take my place as the queen as for June I will explain it all to her as soon as she gets here and be discreet we don’t want anyone worried over nothing.
After a while the knights got to the princess and chad at the local café princess June you are needed at the castle and it can’t wait we must leave. June I will come with you. Chad knight Mike will take you home Princess June is learning to become a queen and no matter how big or small something is she has to learn how to attend to it. You can see her tomorrow. Bye June, bye chad.
So you taking me home my name is Chad and what is yours? I am Knight Mike. So is something wrong that June had to leave like that? No not really just an alliance wanted to talk about something that couldn’t wait. Don’t worry its nothing to worry about these things happen time to time. Thanks for bringing me home, but I am sure it wasn’t necessary. Sure it was we interrupted your date it’s the least I could do for you. You think this was a date we barely know each other we were just hanging out. Sure you were night see you later.
Tell me sure Sir John why you interrupted my date like that? Did my mother do this? Wow Princess chill we just keeping you safe. One of the sunflowers from planet sunflower saw evil king planning to attack us we have sent someone to investigate, so you say it was a date? Well it seemed that way Sir John, but please don’t tell my mom anything as I don’t want trouble. Stays between us our secret promise.

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