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magic is real.
Elena began to feel funny while on her way to school, the feeling of being watched overcame her. She glanced over her shoulder subtly, no one. She shook her head, "I'm being paranoid." Continuing her walk, she couldn't shake the feeling off. Elena knew when something bad was to occur, and she had strong thought of something happening. She couldn't picture what, and that frustrated her. She thought about turning around and heading home, but no, her mother would be suspicious. She neared school ground, relief washed over her. Suddenly she froze. Her body tingled, the small hairs on her arms stood up. Sparks began to ignite at her fingers, she willed her legs to move, to run, but they wouldn't abide. And then Sophia came, and everything went back to normal. Elena let out a deep breath, her heart was racing. The sparks disappeared and the feeling in her legs had come back. "Hey." Sophia said nudging Elena's side, Elena merely nodded in acknowledgement, to anxious to speak.The tall blonde hooked their arms together before pulling Elena with her to class.

The bell rang indicating the end of the school day, Elena was glad. She had been needing to speak to her mother, but she hadn't known what to say, and now she knew exactly what needed to be said. "Bye, Sophia!" Elena waved before walking away.

Elena reached her home rather quickly, her mother sat in the day room reading. Everything seemed normal, but Elena knew otherwise.

"Mother," Elena began. "We need to speak."

Her mother sighed as though she knew this day would come. "Sit." She ushered.

Elena complied. "Mother, what am I? I could do strange things, magical things,"

Her mother's grey eyes hardened. "Magic doesn't exist." She said lowly.

Elena frowned, before nodding. "It does too exist, mother. I know it does."

"Don't be foolish!" She snapped.

For the first time, Elena glared at her mother. "It does!" She shouted angrily, sparks ignited at her fingers and the windows shattered.

Then her mother did something horrible, She struck Elena across the face. Elena choked back a sob, while backing away from her mother.

"Magic doesn't exist! Don't speak of that nonsense ever again." Her mother ordered.

"No. Magic does exist." Elena said defiantly, walking out the house.

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