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Rated: E · Poetry · Community · #2163793
A lesson on blame or wasting time
THE CLOCK (A lesson on Blame or Wasting time)

Seeing who could throw the farthest rock
Small children broke the townhall clock.
Though it wasn't the children's aim
The clock was broken all the same.

Unknown to all before that day
Teenagers passing on their way
With purpose and mischievous grin
Sent rocks that damaged works within.

But there were others who had a share,
Clock Winders added to the dis-repair.
Some in their hurry to leave at night
Wound the clock dangerously tight.

All complained and pointed blame
At the small children, but the fact remained
The clock was broken and no one knew
Who's time was right? What would they do?

Day after day they criticized
Finding fault with others or averting eyes,
They yelled, they cried, they wrote the press
But no one tried to fix the mess.

Are you the child just playing a game?
A teenager who always gets the blame?
Someone in a hurry who thought this one time
Wouldn't matter if the clock skipped just one chime?

Or are you the complainer, the one finding fault?
More interested in WHO made the clock halt?
You're missing TV shows, you're late for your work,
You're better, you're smarter than this thoughtless jerk!

We all have the problem, it's time that we share it,
If we work together we can finally repair it!
Your time is important, and so is mine,
To complain is a waste so let's not waste our TIME!

We each have been given a lifetime of hours
To work or to play or to walk among flowers.
It's our choice what we do with the time that we're given,
Let's make memories of love to take with us to heaven.

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