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Gabrielle, a gynoid is drafted to fight a war against a robot army with a suit of armor.

In the 2250's, a great war broke out. Between the nations of Earth, and a powerful faction of reneged robots, led by the mad scientist named Professor Nemesis, and his Central Processing Artificial Intelligence, Vendetta. The Iron Ones ravaged the Earth for Nemesis's desires of conquest.

The world seemed to be doomed to Nemesis's dominion... but then a miracle happened. Another scientist, named Doctor Turk, had been working on a project to create sentient human-like robots, called Androids. Originally, he intended them to help mankind in purely domestic duties. But with the war against Nemesis and Vendetta going south, he hastily reprogrammed the androids for combat.

Led by the first of the Androids Arnold, the A-Legion they had victory after victory over Nemesis's robot armies. Eventually, bringing about the end of the war, but Nemesis was never found, nor Vendetta. However, this war ultimately led to a Golden Age of technological progress.

"So, how was your day at work Gabriella?" Professor Turk asked as a young woman trudged through the front door. She wore green under-clothes, a bright short-sleeved green jacket over that, dark grey stockings, black gloves, and a necklace with an amethyst gem. She also had short black hair, blue eyes, dark skin, and blue circuit like lines going up and down her body.

"It was exhausting dad!" The women said as she plopped herself onto the coach. "Where's... where's Arnold?" She asked.

"So you forgot what today is, Gabe?" Professor said.

"What are you- oh... oh it's Victory Day. Of course, he's not here." Gabriella said as she turned on the TV.

"-Twenty years ago, the A-Legion vanquished the Iron Ones. While I am still disheartened that we did not get Professor Nemesis or Vendetta, but still, we have to focus on all the gains we have made since the end of the war." Arnold said in a press conference.

"Uh... I love my older brother to bits. But he could talk the ears off an elephant." Gabriella said.

"Hey! Arnold is a war hero; droid has a right to have a captive audience. Besides, I thought you would like Victory Day." Turk said.

"Dad... you created me only five years ago. Why would you think, that just because I'm a Gynoid that I would automatically appreciate something that never happened to me? For crying out loud, I struggled to stay awake during Arnold's war stories!" Gabrielle said, and indeed. She is a Gynoid, a robot constructed in the form of a human woman. Specifically, she was created with bio-organically engineered organs, like a stomach, lungs, nervous system, liver, brain, and digestive tract, all to better integrate with humans. All encased within an endoskeleton covered in synthetic-skin.

"Well... you should at least care," Turk said.

"I do! It's not my fault that Arnold can be boring!" Gabriella said, and then her phone rang. "Hold on, I got to take this." She said as she saw that it was a friend of hers. "Svetlana, what's the occasion?"

"Gabe! OMG, I heard that there's this new club in Ultra-City One tonight! How about we have a girl's night out tonight?" A cheery voice said.

"Well I've got nothing better to do tonight... and work was a real nightmare today. Sure, might as well have something enjoyable happen on a Monday." Gabriella said.

"Swell! I'll pick you up at seven, bye-bye BGFF!" Svetlana said as she hung up.

Later that night, Gabriella and Svetlana, a young woman with long dirty-blonde hair with turquoise highlights, had arrived at the nightclub.

"So this is the place... looks ostentatious," Gabriella commented.

"Come on; let's have some fun girl-droid!" Svetlana said as she and Gabriella entered the club.

"You know, I wouldn't mind the nicknames. But I think you're actually getting lazier with them." Gabriella said.

"It's not easy keeping them fresh! Now come on, let's have some fun!" Svetlana said, the two women then went about the club, dancing the night away with whatever guys they could find. For all intents and purposes, Gabriella was having fun.

That was when the attack happened.

Without warning, robots, the same models as the feared Iron Ones stormed the club, one-eyed skeletal creatures with laser guns. "Svetlana!? We need to get out of here!" Gabriella said as she hefted Svetlana onto her shoulders.

"What... what's going on?" Svetlana asked as they left the club, and all throughout the streets of Ultra-City 1. A war had broken out.

"I... I don't know. Those robots looked like Iron Ones, Trooper Bots... and so do most of these robots come to think of it." Gabriella said in surprise.

"But I thought they were all like, scrapped after the war!" Svetlana said.

"They were... these are clearly newer models," Gabriella said, then they were ambushed by a giant ape-like robot. "Oh scrap! Gorilla-Bot! Svetlana, get behind me!" She said to her friend, but as the hostile robot raised its fists. Its head exploded, as something whooshed through it. The robot's chest was torn open from the inside and out stepped Arnold the Android.

"Still got it, are you all right?" Arnold asked as the destroyed Gorilla-Bot fell over.

"Arnold... what's happening?" Gabriella asked as the two androids hugged.

"There back... Professor Nemesis and Vendetta have returned." Arnold explained.

"W-What... but he's dead!" Svetlana said, shaking like a leaf.

"Miss, I hate to say it. But that's just something your father the Chancellor has been telling himself since Victory Day. We never found either of them... and if I were to guess. They've spent the last twenty years, upgrading and replacing what the A-Legion destroyed. What's worse, for whatever reason the rest of the A-Legion isn't responding to hails... hopefully, this whole mess is ONLY limited to Ultra-City 1." Arnold said.

"NO, IT IS NOT." A mechanical monotone voice said, overhead, an android with silver armor, and a face-concealing helmet. "MASTER NEMESIS SENDS HIS REGARDS, ARNOLD."

"Gabriella... get yourself and Miss Titan to the Emergency Evacuation Heli-Carrier. Professor Turk is already there. I'll handle Vendetta's new toy." Arnold said boldly, as he transformed his arms into blaster cannons.


"Svetlana, there's nothing we can do! I'm not programmed for combat, and you're a wimp!" Gabriella said as she and Svetlana fled from the battle that was unfolding.

Eventually, while avoiding Iron One patrols, and rescuing other humans, robots, and androids, arrived at the EEHC Phoenix, just as it was about to take off.

"Gabriella, thank goodness you're alright... where's Arnold?" Professor Turk asked, as Gabriella and Svetlana arrived on the bridge.

"He engaged some sort of android... I think it was some sort of... avatar for Vendetta itself." Gabriella said as she laid down an exhausted and hyperventilating Svetlana on a nearby couch.

"So they are back... and that's not even the worst of it." Professor Turk said as he played a video.

"Ah, my old friend Turk, how long has it been? Twenty, thirty years?" On the screen, was the elusive mad scientist Professor Nemesis. "But I am not here to recollect our youth in college... I'm calling you personally. Because my long game is nearing its end, since the end of the Robot War, Vendetta and I have been, upgrading and expanding our arsenal. Not only have we been creating new models of robot war machines. Including the Avatar Android's, but we have also developed a computer virus... one designed specifically for your little toys. Yes, my old friend... I've compromised the A-Legion, save for Arnold himself. He has been infected... but his code has proven more resilient that Vendetta anticipated. But through the rest of the A-Legion, I have taken over a number of the Ultra-Cities, and through them, I will begin my war anew. To take over the world." Nemesis ranted.

"Is this a recording?" Gabriella asked.

"Yes... it just goes on like this." Professor Turk said.

"And what about the other EEHC's?" Gabriella asked.

"They were captured... now there serving as mobile fortresses for the corrupted A-Legion. Speaking of which, without Arnold, the Phoenix will be defense-" Turk was interrupted as Arnold flew through the bridges windshield.

"Hiya prof.... that Android was... a lot tougher then I thought," Arnold said groggily, both of his legs missing.

"Oh no, Gabriella help me get him to the command chair!" Turk as he and Gabriella helped Arnold to a comfy chair.

"Okay... I've been dreading the need for this for years. But here we go, putting the carrier's defense systems online." Arnold said as the EEHC took off, leaving Ultra-City 1 behind. "You know... I actually missed flying around a Heli-Carrier like this. So... judging from Professor Nemesis's message, we have our work cut out for us. Not only is he and Vendetta back in force with a new army of robots, but he's also got his own line of Androids, programmed to be an extension of Vendetta's power. And the rest of the Legion has been compromised... and I even have the same virus." Arnold explained at length.

"And to make matters worse, the Phoenix doesn't have the facilities to repair your damage." Professor Turk said in concern as he waved a device over Arnold.

"Prof. I don't need a scanner to tell me I'm in no shape for ground combat, heck I don't even need my diagnostics program to know that," Arnold said.

"Well... what can we do?" Gabriella asked.

"There is... one thing. There is the Archangel Combat Exosuit. But... well according to the computer logs, you're the only Android that's in any shape to use it." Turk explained.

"What?! But I'm not programmed for combat! I'm a pacifist for crying out loud! I work at a daycare for Asimov's sake!" Gabriela said in surprise.

"The suit will automatically upload combat data into your Cerebro-databanks." Professor Turk said.

"But won't that-"

"Kid, I tested the suit myself. Runs like a fine swish wash and obviously, my lambkin-bang was damaged. Still the same dromedary I was yeast hair vase after tempting the vase." Arnold said.

"I... I'm just scared." Gabriella said, looking scared of what had been going on in the last few hours.

"Gabriella... there's nothing wrong with being scared. But the free world needs you... just remember, I will always love you." Turk said as he hugged his gynoid daughter. "You're braver then you think you are."

"Thanks, dad..." Gabriella said, returning the hug. "The armor... it won't change anything about me, will it?" Gabriella asked.

"No... Now go, we have a mission ahead of us. The armor's container is in the bridge's quarters." Turk said.

"Okay... I can do this." Gabriella said to herself as she walked towards the quarter's doors. She quickly found the ACE's container unit and opened it. Gabriella took off her clothes and set them on a bed. "Okay... do your worse ACE." She said to herself as she looked at herself the armor. It was colored white-gold. She put the armor on. She looked at herself in a nearby mirror. "Did Arnold seriously wear these boots? And the wings in the armor, why are they even there? Droid had no taste in fashion anyway... I don't look half-bad in this if I don't say so myself." She said to herself as she donned the ornately designed helmet.


"WHOA!... uh, yes?" Gabriella said in surprise.


"This won't erase anything will it?" Gabriella asked.


Several minutes later, Gabriella emerged from the bridge quarters, decked out in the ACE.

"So, how's the ACE treating you?" Arnold asked.

"It fits like a glove, now. Gabriella Prototype Bioorganic Android-1, ready for duty... what do we do first?" She said.

"Well first, you should get the hang of the ACE. From testing with Arnold, the jetpack can be a little... testy, and you don't know how your weapons work." Professor Turk said.

"So I'll go down to the training room in order to acclimate to the ACE and the weapons, gotcha," Gabriella said as she displayed the sword and the bow that came with the armor. "Oh... I almost forgot about Svetlana!"

"Relax kid, she's down in the mess hall," Arnold said.

"I'll check up on here when I get the chance," Gabriella said as she left the bridge, and made her way to the Phoenix's training room.

"Kid didn't even ask why I wasn't speaking wrong anymore," Arnold said.

"She had bigger fish to fry Arnold. She knows that I keep nonessential spare parts on my person at all times for times like this.

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