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When a human is taken to a new world, he will have to get adapted to his new surroundings
Chapter 1: Prologue (Matheus)

"Have you made up your mind? We can always lie by telling our parents that you are ill. It's not like they would come to check you." My brother told me. I had decided to ignore him this time. I can't keep lying to everyone, and to myself, every time that I have difficulties. "High school is hard and I know it, just don't try to do more than you can. Okay?"

"Alright." I said in a low tone. "But you don't have to worry. The year is almost ending, summer vacations are about to start. I can survive some days." Probably. It isn't about my will to make things right, it's about how the other students will behave today. There are days where they have really wants to study and be important in the future, but there also days when they do the same thing, except the exact opposite.
I can only hope for the best.


Middle of the day already had past. Only few things capable to annoy me had managed to happen so far. Maybe it will be a happy day. Anyway, I can't stay an entire school period without eating anything.
Taking silent steps, I walked to the cafeteria, place where the beasts go to eat their midday food, me including since I too am a human. High school managed to make me depressed, after you finish the suffered middle school, you hope to get in a class with mature teenagers, but I didn't get to join one. I am not saying that every classroom is like this, I just wasn't lucky enough.

I got a generic food in the cafeteria and walked to a table where I could live in peace, or at least eat. I managed to avoid some people and take a safe route. Nothing wrong will happen, I thought, but I committed a mistake. Someone had dropped a empty soda can fall and I hadn't noticed it until my left foot touched it. I was taking light steps in the moment, I couldn't apply force enough.

I fall and part of my food got stuck on my clothes. What a wonderful life. The others started to laugh because it wasn't them who fall. For some reason, people like to see others suffering. Some have their limits and only when the suffering get past it, they get the brilliant idea of do something to help the poor guy. But since it only was a slight fall... *Sigh* I hate this place.
I picked the part of my food that still could be save and walked to the table.


(What you are about to see actually happened to me in the real life.)


The classes are about to be over for the day. After my little accident during the lunch time, I had managed to clean myself using some papers from my notebook. I actually am a bit used to these things. Not having food on my clothes, but to hide my errors. I had grown up trying to avoid the my parents' attention. If they actually manage to notice that something bad happened to me while in the school, they will start to ask many questions, so many that they will start to ask things that aren't about the accident, but about how I am doing in the school, my grades and those things that can make them angry... er.

I waited for the teacher to come, she was late today, probably won't come today. I took my DS from my bag. My parents don't know that I have one, an old friend mine sold me it by a low price. I started to play one of the games that I had in the moment, Pokemon Black 2.

It's a very good game. I had to play it today to upgrade my Joy Avenue and beat the people in the courts. After making almost all costumes find a good shop, buying some berries and make my galvantula happy, a voice startled me and I turned off my DS by reflex. I looked up and saw one of the students that I had neutral relationship.
"Were you taking photos of us?" He asked. His girlfriend was behind him at the moment. I denied and said that I was playing a game. He didn't believe and took my portable. I actually wasn't expecting what he did next. He threw it to the ground and got worried and checked if broke. Without I could notice, he punched my left arm twice and yell in pain. He said that I shouldn't take anymore photos of them.
His girlfriend got angry and yell at him saying that he shouldn't had done that. She asked me if I was okay and I nodded. At least someone here knows what is right.


At the end of the day, she was by his side as if nothing happened.


"You didn't manage to don't attract anyone, did you?" I stayed in silence. "Let's go home and you can tell me what is wrong." He always knew the answer of these questions because he knows me. That is why he is the only one that I can trust. I sat on his motorcycle and put my helmet. It was a quiet travel back to home, but it was enough for me to have some time with my mind.

Will there be an end to it? What will I be if it ends? Will my brother be there? Are my studies worth it? Am I worth it? Why do I want to release myself? I really want it?
He turned to the left during a certain moment of our travel back. I was about to ask why, but he stopped at a gas station. Might be here to fill the tank. It doesn't matter much, it happens once in awhile and is needed. I am not in a hurry to go back home. He climbed down the motorcycle and I did the same.

"Hey. What about, when I finish filling the tank, I buy some ice cream to make you happy?" I actually like ice cream. But I... I stayed in silence and looking at the street. There are a decent amount of cars moving and they are moving very fast. He finished filling the tank in no time and payed a man for the gas. "Are you coming with me?" ... "Okay then. I will be back before you notice." He said and leaved to buy the cold substance. I took one last glance of him getting inside the small store before taking my attention back to the street.

One step.

No turning back.

Two steps.

It will be the end.

Five steps.

My heart is beating very fast.

Ten steps.

Am I scared?

Twelve steps.

But it will end my pain.

Thirteen steps.

But what about him? Will he be happy?

Fourteen steps.

I started to cry.

Fifteen steps.

I don't want to do it, but I need to.

Eighteen steps.

I stopped at the edge and turned around, but didn't move myself. I waited a little until my brother got out of the store with a bag at his right hand.

"I... sorry." I whispered.


Matheus Bell
Height: 5'4"
Age: 15
Weight: 98 pounds
Species: Human
Blood type: AB -
Likes: Honest people, his brother, technology.
Dislikes: Liars, unfair things, the rest of his family, eat fish.
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