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A brief essay.
Words hurt,
Words heal,
Words empower,
Words express thoughts.

That's what I'm told. But for me, words never seem to find voice. They fail me when I need them the most. Words were invented to simplify conversation right? I mean, back in the stone age when cave men used to draw symbols on walls, sounds converted into words would have been a Eureka moment. So the birth of words simplified sending across messages and made meaningful conversation possible.

Fast forward to 2018. While I'm still struggling to put my thoughts into words a smart phone sends across messages in a jiffy with ease, elegance, and of course auto-correct. A smart phone is so smart that it can predict what I want to type. It even has options for the spelling I type. A smart phone isn't a 'it' anymore. His Highness knows exactly what's in my mind. It reads my mind so accurately that I almost feel a soul connect to my phone. The suggestions are most often better than the ones I have in my head. ( this sentence was framed entirely on predictive text) So, yes. The smart phone predicts and suggests if I don't pay heed, it goes ahead and auto corrects my spelling. On top of it, it declares ' message sent'. It's amazing how a gadget has elevated itself to this 'prophet level.'

It's so smart that it thinks I am dumb. Just because I accept the predictions it has to offer doesn't mean that I don't know what I want to say.

I type a text and my phone proudly flashes 'message sent' All right,accepting it's 'a message that has been sent', then the person I'm texting has to ' get it' right? Mostly it's only two blue ticks. If he chooses to reply it's a 'K'. What the hell is this 'K'? K as in King?
Should I assume it's a shortened form of the short for O.K? Here I have an option to assume that this person doesn't know how to spell O.K. I guess this prophet in disguise can't entice everyone. Some are way too smarter for the phone. Then why doesn't this smart fellow reply with clarity? He claims he is too busy to text. I autocorrect it to, he is too busy to learn the spelling of Okay.

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