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a poem about a cat, named Franklin, who lives at the Vet's office, from his view
27 lines

Lost in translation...

Hello “the staff “ around here call me Franklin.
Of all the names out there - I got that one!

I only answer to Franklin, not Kitty nor Frank.
I use to think whoever named me needed a spank!

Then a wise “tom cat” explained before dyin'
“Franklin translated in “cat” means “Frankly I'm a Lion”!

You can trust me that I'm feeling fine.
Here I meet all kinds of pretty “fe-lions” feline!
( Purr---Purr)

I came to live here when I was a small kitten.
Soon after meeting me everyone here is smitten!

My life here has been a real breeze.
I have the run of the building as I please!

Living here I've seen all kinds of “critters”
I have to say I stay away from ones that slither!

I've seen more dogs than any cat would like.
believe me “dog breathe” is really a fright!

There's a dog that lives here who thinks he rules.
While I don't bother with him – he smells, he drools!

In “cat years” you say I am now eighty-two.
But, if you have a needle I can still out run you!

I catch up on my sleep when the staff is around.
They have no idea of my control of my little town!

While roaming the halls and stalking the floor,
The staff hear me purring while I hear my lions roar!

Finally may I remind you as I say with a laugh
Dogs have owners ...and cats, well we have STAFF!

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