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Of war and peace I am familiar; forged by the fires of both.
Sounds of war and peace.

The deafening silence of nothing:

Sounds of war and peace;
Often the ringing in my ears,
Undercuts all conversation.
Noting that most days were underwhelming;
Details of boredom
Surrounded by instruments of death.

Of war and peace I am familiar;
Forged by the fires of both.

Warrior tales and a creed
Arrose passion and courage
Red blood pumping we vowed to fight.

Another day and another went by,
Nothing to do but be alert and vigilant,
Defending our patch of Nothingness Dakota.

Perched on the edge,
Elders called us ‘tip of the sword,’
“A Ready Force,”
Corroded and rusted by inaction.
Every day the peace drums beat.

The deafening silence of nothing.

Sounds of war and peace.
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