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A poem for Newsfeed Challenge About Chester Bennington. Won Best Quill For Music.
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If they say who cares if one more light goes out in the sky of a million stars? It flickers, flickers. Who cares when someone's time runs out if a moment is all we are? We're quicker, quicker. Who cares if one more light goes out? Well, I do. ~One More Light, Linkin Park~ For paying a tribute to Chester Bennington, July 2018. *^*Star*^*

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I think about one more light.
I think of people I have loved
I lay in bed dreaming at night,
I pray they are in Heaven above.

The sky has a million stars.
God cares and I know others do.
We have the earth and above us Mars.
Why some things happen, I have no clue.

We all get angry when life seems unfair,
I think there is an answer in the stars above.
I have to believe that a lot of people care.
We miss and mourn the ones that we loved.

I read my Bible. I smile and always pray.
I care if one more light goes out. I am here.
I dry my tears, smile and have my say.
I do care. A lot of things and people I hold dear.

I turn out the light. Tomorrow is another day.
I think about one more light and still love life.
A light flickers. I see a light over by the bay.
I will make it with God's help to over come my strife.

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