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A piece that personifies a lovely tan house.
I love my house. It has so many wonderful things. I want to take you on a mental tour of it. I can assure you that you will like it. My house has lots of meanings and memories that mean so much to me, so I want to describe my house to you the same way I would picture something meaningful and special to you.

When I come home from school, I see many things in my home sweet home. I am greeted by the groups of purple flowers dancing in the wind. I hear the trees’ songs whispering in the wind. All the clouds move over to welcome the sun into the sky. As the sun’s rays peek through the blue sky, it reveals the calming color of tan paint on the outside of my house and the green plants standing around it. After I walk inside, I go to my pool and dip my feet into the water to relax. I am greeted by the soothing ripples of the shallow, cool water. I also hear my bird talking to me. I tell her hello and go back inside. I see that my mom is making pasta. I hear the hot water jumping up and down in terror from the stove. I eat my snack and go to my office to do homework. There, papers are resting in their drawer beds and my computer is sleeping, begging me to wake it up. Once I finish my homework, I decided to dust the bookshelves. Those shelves have lots of dust particles socializing with one another in one big dust group. I end their dust party and wipe the dusty shelves clean. I am now done with all my homework and chores. Now, it’s time for me to unwind and eat the wonderful pasta dinner my mom has prepared for her and the rest of the Gonatos crew: my dad, my sister, and me.
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