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Story of a weed who learns to love herself

Once upon a time a time there was a magical forest and inside this forest was a magical kingdom, and inside this kingdom lived a magical princess who tended to a magical garden. In this garden there lived all sort of magical flowers and one magical little weed.

This is the weed's story and her name is Brilla. Brilla had a long green stem and bright yellow petals that surrounded her happy face. Brilla was a fun and spunky little weed who spent her days having fun with her best friend Chrissy.
Brilla and Chrissy would go on amazing adventures together! One time they were pirates, sailing the seven seas!
Another time they were ninjas protecting the emperor of some distant and ancient land.
They're favorite game was to pretend to be rock stars!
Yes, Brilla and Chrissy were the best of friends...until one day they weren't.
After the afternoon watering by the royal courtier of the watering can (his official title!) Brilla went to look for Chrissy.
She looked all over the flower bed until she spotted Chrissy and three other flowers.
The first flower by Chrissy was a pretty purple flower, her name was Violetta. The second flower by Chrissy was a pretty yellow flower, her name was Daisy. The last flower was one of the prettiest flowers Brilla had ever seen, she was called Rosie and she was a lovely red flower.
"Hello, Chrissy!" Brilla called out to her friend. But Chrissy just stared at her; Rosie leaned over and whispered something to Chrissy. She then repeated it to the other flowers and they all nodded and started to walk away from Brilla. "Hey, wait up" shouted Brilla. Rosie turned around to Brilla and said "Go away, we don't play with weeds." All the other flowers agreed, including Chrissy.
Brilla was very sad.
That same day Brilla went to go see her Granny.
Granny noticed that Brilla was not her usually happy self.
"What's wrong, dear?" asked Granny.
"The other flowers won't play with me, not even Chrissy Granny!"
"Why not?" asked Granny.
"Because I'm ...I'm a weed, Granny." Brilla said sadly.
"Oh, I see." Said Granny.
Granny sat down on her chair and started to knit. She thought and thought and thought. Finally, Granny looked up and asked Brilla to bring her the small wooden and gold box that was resting on top of the tallest shelf.
The box had always belonged to Granny; Brilla was use to seeing it on her visits. She never knew what Granny used it for, but was always curious.
Brilla handed it to Granny and Granny began to open it. Before it was opened all the way Granny began to talk, "this is a very special box, Brilla. It has been in our family for years. It has been passed down throughout the generations. Each weed in our family has used its greatness to help in some way. I hope it helps you."
Granny then gave the box to Brilla. She stared at the box with excitement! She couldn't wait to release the special magic that would help her solve her problems! Brilla opened the small box and inside there was a ...mirror. Nothing else. No fizzy fizzes or wizzy whats its! No magic at all! Just an ancient looking mirror.
Brilla looked up at Granny puzzled. "Granny, where is the magic?" asked Brilla.
Granny laughed. "Brilla, look closely and you will see the magic..."
Brilla did as Granny asked and looked at the mirror again. She looked and looked and looked, looked, looked. Finally she saw it. Two small little glints in Brilla's eyes, it was her own special magic. Brilla smiled.
"You see my dear; you don't need magic to help you. You are your own magic. You are smart, kind and a loyal friend. Let this mirror remind you of that."
Brilla went home happy. Granny was right. And so were Chrissy and her new friends. Brilla was a weed. But she was also kind, loyal and smart.
The next day Brilla was walking along the edges of the garden, when she saw Chrissy. Chrissy was crying and seemed very lonely. "What's wrong, Chrissy?" asked Brilla. Chrissy looked up at her friend Brilla and said "the other flowers won't play with me. They say I'm too tall." Chrissy began to cry again. Brilla had a brilliant idea. She took out her the box that held the mirror and held it up for Chrissy to see herself in. "I see more than just how tall you are, don't you?" asked Brilla. Chrissy stared at the mirror for a long time. Finally she smiled; "yes, I'm tall, I'm funny and I'm sorry Brilla" replied Chrissy. Putting her mirror away Brilla asked Chrissy; "wanna play rock stars?" Chrissy nodded yes! Somewhere in the distance the two friends could hear the magical princess singing a magical song, near her magical garden, in her magical kingdom that was located in a magical forest.
The End.

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