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Beneath the volcano of Krakatoa beyond human reach lies the story unknown.
This is the audio recording of events that occurred in Upsilon 09 Facility beneath the Volcano of Krakatoa. What you are about to hear has been translated so that all may remember the men and women who died in the event.

1883 by human years. 16 years before terrestrial departure.

Lead engineer Martin: Test A6-Y78 on Tau energy generator, we will experiment the percentage level for save usage of the Tau energy production in ship engines. 15 minutes to pulse.

(Humming sound begins)

Engineer 2nd class Elise: This had better not short out the systems like the Delta particle accelerator or we may not even reach the edge of our solar system in 10 minutes. We must be ready before the Fathers time He set for us to leave Earth.

Assistant Emily: We will, but I cannot help but think about Pompeii.

Elise: Dear sister we shouldn't worry about the Beta Catastrophe, there are no cities or human settlements on this Island and besides it has been thousands of years since the last incident.

Emily: Yes, still the last words that my fiance sent to me before the volcano erupted haunt me now more than ever. I cannot help but pray to our Creator King that the event does not occur again.

(humming sound growing in volume)

Martin: Dear sisters our Seven Elder brothers have deemed from God that the time to leave Earth is near and so we cannot afford mistakes and worrying will only lead to them. Jehovah is with us we will make it.

System AI: Tau energy levels at 30 percent.

(sound of approaching footsteps)

Engineer 2nd class Charles: Brother Martin are we close?

Martin: Soon brother, soon.

Charles: 3052 years.

Martin: What?

Charles: 3052 years, that is how long it has been since my birth, and Earth is all I ever knew, it is the world we all ever knew and now we have to leave until the end of all things.

( Humming and crackling)

AI: 74 percent. Warning! Warning! I have detected a malfunction in the Tau generator, it is overloading!

Martin: Dear Father no! No no no no no! Not again!

Elise: Quick! Shut it down! NOW!

(Controls hurriedly being used)

AI: Error! 88 percent! The generator is overloading!

Emily: Nothing is working!

(Humming intensifies)

Martin: Father, into your hands we commit our spirits!

(Massive explosion then static.)

That was the last we ever saw of them, more than a decade later we launched in secret across the world heading to our new home world, but we will never forget the sacrifices our brothers and sisters made to reach the stars. We await to see them again in the coming Kingdom. This is Supreme Commander (error) signing off.
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