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Rated: 18+ · Fiction · Horror/Scary · #2164253
Two sisters are at the mercy of a mad scientist.
My name is Sally Samuel. And this is the story of how I died.

Not technically, but it might as well have been death.

I awoke in a cell.

The last thing I remember was going with my twin sister Selena.

She works at a laboratory, specifically as a robotics specialist.

"Hello? Where am I?" I asked, scared of my surroundings.

"Your in Doctor Horatio's cells... I'm so sorry sis."

"Selene? What happened?"

"I took you on a tour of the lab Sally... and found Doctor Horatio's experiments."

"What kind experiments Selene?"

"The kind that nightmares are made of. He's trying to create robots from humans Sally."

"What? That's impossible! How Selene?"

"By using MY nanobots, Sally. I created them to help people. But Horatio has made some that can turn people into machines."

"Is there anything we can do Selene?"

"We can try to escape, and shut down the nanobots. But I'm not sure how to get out of there cells Sally."

It turned out that we didn't need to plan any escape.

The cells were unlocked.

We made our way through the facility.

Unfortunately, the hallways were guarded by Doctor Horatio's robots.

So we had to sneak our way past them.

We had to get creative, as neither of us were fighters.

Eventually, we arrived at the computer that would shut down Selene's nanobots.

Then we were both lifted into the air.

Doctor Horatio arrived, and a pair of robots decloaked, holding onto us.

"Well... I was hoping to surprise you both. But your desire to spoil my fun demands punishment."

I then felt a sharp blow to the head.

I woke up again, bound to a table.

There was a metal bar like device over my mouth.

"Begin the nanobot infusion! You two will be the first to be successfully turned into robots!"

My eyes widened in horror. I could feel as slowly, the microscopic robots ate at my flesh.

It seemed to go on forever as my flesh, bones, and muscles were slowly replaced by metal, wire, and... other artificial components.

"Yes... finally! In a few minutes, you'll both be mine."

Then... it happened... I was a robot.

I could feel the strange sensations in my head.

I felt that my body was no longer mine to command.

The restraints automatically undid themselves, and I stood up.

To my horror. Selene was turned into a robot as well.

We stood next to each other in front of a large mirror.

Our faces were made of a synthetic material, retaining our original dark skin color.

On our heads was artificial hair, mine was my typical short pixie cut, while Selene's was long going over her shoulders.

The rest of our bodies were made up of a dark grey material.

"What are your designations?"

"Unit: Sierra-1. Ready to obey."

"Unit: Sierra-2. Ready to obey."

We both responded, in a dull machine-like monotone.

"Test infiltration mode!"

We then transformed into our previous organic forms. Cloths included.

"Sally?... please tell me you can hear me?"

"Yes, I can hear you Selene... how is that possible? What is happening?"

"Horatio... that sick FREAK! Turned us into robots, Sally!"

"But why?... and why can't I control my body, Selene?"

"Put simply, our minds have been shunted. Not deleted outright Sally."

"Why Selene?"

"Put simply sis... Horatio wants to take over the world. By basically turning US into robotic baby factories Sally, and having our minds be kept intact makes it easier for us to find victims."

"You mean... we now can assimilate people in the same way we were Selene?"

"Yes... we can also reproduce and make cybernetic babies Sally."

"I don't... I had so many plans, Selene."

"I know Sally."

"I wanted to become a singer Selene."

"Sally, I promise. He'll slip up, and when he does. That will be our chance to reclaim our lives."

"Now... I command that you passionately make-out with each other!"

That was when the horror became even worse.

"Should I start, or should you Sally?"

"Let's go do it together on three, that sound good Selene?"

"Yes Sally, that sounds good."

"Okay... 1... 2... 3... AAHHHH!"

We both screamed as our robotic bodies engaged in long passionate kissing.

This went on for hours... and hours... almost seemed like it was going on forever.

Both our screams of disgust and terror, and our bodies making out with each other.

Likely that wretch commanded that order specifically for his own entertainment.

"Stop! Now return to your homes in infiltration mode, and await further orders."

"We obey."

This was now my life... and the life of my sister. Slaves within our own bodies.

Bound to go through the motions... as machines, before either of us truly managed to live our lives.

No control over my body... do I even really have a soul anymore?

Selene said yes, we still have souls... but I'm not so certain.

Now I exist to serve at the whims of a madman.

To spread a plague through the world. To turn flesh into metal.

To bring humanity into enslavement to a monster.

God... please have mercy on my soul... on OUR souls...
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