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Magic space knights vs. giant-eared space frogs.

On a distant alien world, a ship descended through the forst canopy. When it landed, blue frog like aliens with large horse-like ears exited the ship. "Warriors, today we fight the dangerous beasts of this planet called K-Rakidonis." The lead alien said, his warriors cheered with approval. "What will we be hunting Sire?" A young alien asked. "I know not, we will go out into teams and find things to hunt. Whoever brings back the most prey, or the largest, or the most dangerous will win. The losers... if you're lucky you will live." The alien leader said.

Several hours passed as the lead alien and a band of warriors walked through a jungle clearing. "I don't understand, this region of this planet should be lousy with dangerous wildlife for us to test our mettle against. But it's been hours and we haven't seen anything living!" The alien leader said in aggravation. The relative silence of the jungle was broken by a strange noise. "Sire, I can hear something, at least a few miles away by my reckoning." An alien warrior said.

"I can hear it to, what is that noise?" The alien leader asked. "Sire Y'zaar, I believe that sound is humming... of Phoenix Rising." The alien warrior said. "Phoenix Rising? But why would someone be humming such a sacrilegious tune?... unless... but that's impossible. We're nowhere near the Phoenix Sector." Y'zaar said. "Regardless of who or what it is, it's the only prey we've found, what're your orders sire?" An alien warrior asked.

"We find the source of the humming, and see if it's something worth hunting." Y'zaar said, severing miles latter the alien warriors arrived at a clearing. "Oh our prey is here, the sound should be just beyond these leave." Y'zaar said, they looked through the leaves and saw a starship, and a being in a cloak sitting by a fire. Even dressed in all black, they recognized what it was. "Human! What is a Human doing away from the Phoenix Sector?" A warrior asked. "It matters not; we will take the primate by surprise!" Y'zaar said as he armed his weapon.

"But Sire! That could be a Paladin Solar, we've never faced one of their number! Besides we came here to hunt non-sentient's not the disciples of the Esp'erians!" A younger hunter said. "We are Ty'Urna boy! We destroyed there hated birth planet, we're more than a match for one lone monkey!... though if it will ease your fears nephew, then I will call for reinforcements from the others." Y'zaar said, several hours later, the band of Ty'Urna arriving.

"This doesn't ease anything Uncle Y'zaar." Y'zaar's nephew said. "Regardless my young Thal-nirias, men, there's a Human in this clearing. No idea why it's here. Let us kill the wretch!" Y'zaar said as he and a number of Ty'Urna hunter leapt out of hiding. "I was wondering when you would come out of hiding. I was getting bored." The Human said, the Human was dressed in black and grey. The Human the pulled back her hood to reveal that she had black hair, dark brown skin, and sunglasses that completely obscured her eyes.

"You're a long ways away from the Phoenix Sector, aren't you monkey?" Y'zaar asked. "You know, it's considered unwise for Ty'Urna hunting parties to approach their prey from the front like you're doing. It alerts the prey of your presence and they run away... or such an amateurish mistakes makes you easy prey for a predator." She said as she removed her sunglasses, her eyes closed. "W-What is your name?" Thal-nirias asked in worry. "My name is Andraste little boy... and you picked the wrong day for a hunting trip." Andraste said as she opened her eyes, and they glowed a bright golden color. "S-She is a Paladin Solar uncle!" Thal-nirias said in shock. "Smart boy, now I have a question for you. Are you going to run and leave me be, or are you going to do the stupid thing and attack me?" Andraste asked.

"Whoever kills the Paladin Solar will become a hero! ALL HUNTERS! CHARGE!" Y'zaar shouted as he and the other Ty'Urna charged towards Andraste. "Stupid it is." Andraste said as she pulled out a pistol. She fired several shots, each one killing a Ty'Urna, shorting out there personal shields. "Really should have gotten more heat clips." Andraste said to herself as she pulled out a sword. It glowed with strange runes as she fought her foes. "Foolish monkey! Feel the might of the Ty'Urna!" Y'zaar said as he created a fireball in his mouth. "So you're a user of Cosmic then?" Andraste said as she held the blade of a Ty'Urna against her own.

Y'zaar's fireball hurtled towards her. But before it hit, Andraste began to glow green with strange patterns. The fireball impacted, but instead of landing on Andraste it made contact with a strange force field. "You find a Paladin Solar, in the middle of nowhere, so far away from the Phoenix Sector that it's not even within ten lightyears of the Ty'Urna Line, and attack her. Never thought I'd see the day were I'd meet the DUMBEST Ty'Urna in the entire galaxy." Andraste said as the green marking beneath her cloths glowed.

"T-The legends are true! Uncle we have to get out of here or she'll kill us all!" Thal-nirias said in panic as he grabbed at his uncles arm. "Be silent whelp! She is only one Human!" Y'zaar said as he grabbed his nephew by the neck of his collar. "Yes... funny thing about that." Andraste said, then without warning. A number of Humans, dressed in a similier manner to Andraste herself. Burst out of the jungle, catching the Ty'Urna hunters off guard and butchering them.

"Remember the mission parameters my students! The one known as Y'zaar lives!" Andraste said a she blasted lightning at another Ty'Urna hunter. Eventually the hunting party was reduced to just Y'zaar, Thal-nirias, and a handful of other Ty'Urna hunters. "You'll never take us alive Human scum!" Y'zaar shouted in rage. "So you don't know my reputation?" Andraste said as her students held sword and gun alike to them.

"Y-You're the Butcher of Karag's Keep! You destroyed the fortress and every warrior inside, over ten-thousand souls!" Thal-nirias said in terror. "Smart kid, I almost forgot about my first mission as a full-fledged Paladin. So are you insane or just stupid?" Andraste said. "Silence! For generations before we destroyed Earth, your species oppressed our people. Treating us as vermin and slaves, keep us underneath your filthy thumbs!" Y'zaar ranted.

"Oh shut up frog, you're lucky your needed alive." Andraste said as she raised her hand, she then cast out a Cosmic ray that caused Y'zaar to freeze in place. "What should be done with the others?" A Paladin asked. "Kill the rest, except for the little one. Don't get me wrong kid, I'm not fond of your people. But I earnestly try not to deliberately kill infants no matter their species, so go and leave this planet. The field we set up to force out the fauna in this region is likely to go down in about... I'd say a couple hours, a day at the most. So in short junior... run... run as fast as those little webbed feet can take you." Andraste said as she knelt down to Thal-nirias eye level.

Thal-nirias didn't think twice as he run off towards the ship. Leaving his fellow Ty'Urna to die.

"You did well my students. We killed this Ty'Urna's hunting party, and not only that but we managed to take Y'zaar alive." Andraste said with pride in regards to her students. "But what of the tadpole? We should have killed the little runt!" A Paladin said in anger, this was promptly followed by a slap in the face from Andraste. "Don't question your betters Kowalski! When you have been blessed and made anew by the Esp'erians. THEN you may decide who lives and who dies. Until then, don't question your teacher. Am I understood Neophyte Kowalski?" Andraste said.

"Crystal clear my lady." Kowalski said, nursing his cheek. "I don't believe you but we're on a tight schedule. We have to leave, get this frog back to Phoenix Throne." Andraste said as she and her Paladin students boarded her ship, the Void Raven with the petrified Ty'Urna in tow. "Helmsman, take us home." Andraste said to a robot, the robot obeyed as the ship flew off of K-Rakidonis. "With all due respect, what does this frog even know that would be worth coming here?" Kowalski asked. "I was not told by the Esp'erians of what he could know. But they asked that I do this, and it is the duty of all Paladins to follow their commands. But I'm certain that he knows something worthy of the Esp'erians knowledge." Andraste explained at length.

"We have cleared planetary orbit, engaging FTL travel and sensor dampening software." The robot helmsman said. "It'll be good to get home. Living in the wilderness for almost a week waiting for this frog was exhausting. When we get back the drinks are on me!" Andraste said as the ship went into FTL. To return to the capital of Phoenix Throne.

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