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I had a scary time at the museum
It was a very cloudy day the day when I went to the museum of natural history. My freind told me all about it and I went to have a look. I already felt a chill run up my spine because the room with all the mummies was kept chilly, I think to preserve all the mummies. A security gaurd kept walking up and down And made me nervous as hell. When I set eyes on the last mummy in the row, it made me even more frightened. I've never seen anything so old looking and crumbly and shrivelled up. It really was like something out of a nightmare.
Anyway, I enjoyed being thrilled my everything and enjoyed the day until it was time to go home. But I missed the last bus and didn't have enough money for a taxi of anything. I was stuck at the museum, and decided to go back in for a while, until closing time at 8pm. I was wandering around when suddenly t=all the lights went out and I just froze. My god, I didn;t know what to do and just felt frightened in the dark, but I called out and nobody answered. So I went to the main exit and couldn;t see very much in all the dark. And I bumped into something what I thought was just a statue of a greek god or something.
But it felt really soft and then I turned around and went the other way. I bumped into lots of walls and kept trying to find a way out but nobody was anywhere to be seen. Then I heard a horrible noise that was like moaning or something coming back alive. It was so dark but some shadows were darker than others and I saw one shadow moving. It waas following me. I kept walking away and crashed into a glass display box.
Soon I was closer to the main exit and but then my heart died because the door was locked. I turned around and was face to face with bandages and a really bad breath. Eyes were just like holes in the bandage and it looked at me with a dead look and made me shake with fear. I just ran away and up some halls and through some other dark rooms and got lost and was terrified. Then I reached a back exit and was shaking the doors hoping and praying they would open. Then a footstep came behind me and I was having a heart attack and thought the mummy had got me and I was about to die.
Then I found out an amazing thing, because it was only a security gaurd who I a seen earlier. And I was so releived and stopped shaking and sat down. He had a big torch and looked around a bit but could not find anything. And he helped me to the exit. I went out and said goodbye, and went home. I was so lucky because that security guard annoyed me at first and then I think he must have saved my life. To this day I don't know what that mummy thing was and hope I never will.
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