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Rated: E · Poetry · Animal · #2164413
Of my daughter's loss of her little furry friend
When sadness overwhelms you, and fears will not subside
It is comforting to have, a friend there at your side
And it matters not if they can speak, or if they're tall or smart
But only if they bring you peace, and snuggle near your heart

When life was hard and love was far, she came to share her world
Two delicate soft prisoners, two unassuming girls
So soft and warm, yet lightning fast, and curious of snout
An explorer and a mountaineer, just bursting to break out

Yet, when faced with larger worlds, she clambered to her side
And sought her breath and silhouette, and there chose to abide
And so entwined their lives became, each leaning on the other
The small miracle of furry joy, with her new adoptive mother

And though their minds could not converse, nor in each one confide
Still they chose to dwell as one, through such brief time and tide
What smiles invoked, what joy derived, from tiny scurry form
As though for this sweet union, she really had been born

Yet little miss and giant lass were not such different souls
Both needing warmth and friendship, both timid and yet bold
And sharing squeals of contentment, and making others smile
And warming lives with loyalty, then hiding for a while

For little life gave strength to her, and helped to ease her fears
As a focus for her energy, and furry pillow for her tears
How can it be that such a one, so small and unbeknown
Be crafted in such beauty form, with mind all of it's own

With fragile heart and flurry feet, and searching whiskers wisp
Bedecked with eyes like polished jewels, and tiny tongue that kissed
With robe of silk so soft to touch, and crown of pretty ears
A true and noble princess, adored by all her peers

For such brief and fleeting life, to penetrate these hearts
Was surely right and worthy, and perfect from the start
For such a gift, that brings such joy, I offer thanks indeed
For a tiny bundle of happiness, that filled my little one's need

And so, she dwelled, ever by her heart, a billion beats ago
And glorified her giver, and seeds of love did sow
Inseparable, unforgettable. their bond has never failed
For she shall ever remember, the tiny princess's tail
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