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A poem in free verse

Tell me
I want to know
If you were to get the moon
What would you do?

Tell me what you’ll tell me
I’m asking you to know
What would you think to do?
If one night
Your wish came true
And the moon came down
Fell into your lap
Would you shout thank you?

Would you let its light
Bathe your face
And dazzle your eyes?
But afterwards
What will you do?

Would you give it to your mother?
Would you take it to a friend?
Would you gift it to a child for play?
Or offer it to the keeper of your soul?

Would you sell it at the market?
Would you barter it at the fair?
Would you ask for gems and jewels?
Or would you keep it far away
From hungry, jealous eyes?

Yes, you will bring it home
Hold it close to your head
Press it to your hair, your lips
Slide it slowly into your arms
Touch your ribs and hips
Move softly down to your legs
It gives you deep joy from head to toe
You enclose it in your heart

All is bright
All is calm tonight
But soon it waxes and wanes
Changing from smiles to frowns
Before your very eyes
Its blinding light begins to fade

Could you ever let it go?
Could you bear to say goodbye?
Could you cry a farewell?
Then tell yourself to toss it back
High into the sky?

You think perhaps you could
Remove it from your heart.
You unclench your fist,
Wipe away your tears,
Soothe your rage and fears,
To prepare to let it go.

Avert your eyes from its light
Place it back between the clouds
Return it now to the stars
Let go of it forever
To shine where it does belong


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