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A poem about loving man's best friend


Sweet doggy of mine

Your fur shining so fine

Your tail's always wagging

Your energy never flagging

I even like it when you whine

Because that's when I'm away, it's for me you pine,

I'll love you always, my doggo divine.

The second you hear my key in the door

It's like your feet stop touching the floor

The minute I enter, around me you prance

You start do your mad little dance

I know my absence has caused you pain

But I'll return to you again and again

Nobody welcomes me home like you

I hope you know I've missed you too.

Of course you're sometimes naughty

Like those times when you go potty

In places you know are forbidden

You don't always do as you are bidden

Those times when you won't stop chasing cats

Tugging hard at your leash, you drive me bats

Not all is always forgiven, doggo

But the joy of your ownership, I'll never forego.

Treats between meals put you in the best mood

I know you how much you love your food

You like to beg whenever we dine

Up on your hind legs, that's the sign

Too much is too bad for you, doggy of mine

But we often yield and give you little pieces

You're back on all fours, and your begging ceases.

You love your toys that that involve tugging

And those small rubber animals I often see you hugging

Between your paws when you're lying down

I spot your stuffed squirrel, it's fur soft and brown

It's humans you love best, I know

But when we're out, and you're feeling low

Your toys bring you a little joy

I've figured you out a bit, old boy.

We've been through some times, both good and bad

Together we've heard some news, both happy and sad

I know you know me quite well

Nearly always, you read my moods clear as a bell

And though it hasn't always been fun

I think as dog and owner, we've had a good run

Our future together is not yet clear

But we'll always hold each other very dear

If you leave before me, I'll hold your hand

And promise to see you again in another land.

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