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Rated: 13+ · Letter/Memo · Finance · #2164468
This sheet was launched on July 24, 2018 & will be added to over a period of 3 years...
!?!What's Thi$!?!
Ju$t click *CoinCopper*n it t*CoinCopper* find *CoinCopper*ut!
D*CoinCopper*n't w*CoinCopper*rry!!
It's perfectly $afe!!!

UPDATE: Today is Wednesday, September 19, 2018. The first writing I added to this sheet took place on July 24, and my last addition took place on August 1. Will be adding more to it starting this morning, so be looking for it. Just scroll down -- reading everything along the way -- until you get there...

Today is Tuesday, July 24, 2018 between eleven and noon when I'm starting to put this together, and one of my Tweets within a TweetSequence (which I'll be linking to right here in a little while) says:

As of the time I'm writing this (late morning of Tuesday, July 24, 2018), I have fifty-four cents in my checking account and less than a dollar's worth of change around the house.

Here is where I want to go with this sheet:

I'm going to be adding to it (or an extension of it, if I feel as if it's getting to be too crowded) for a period of three years — which means the last thing I add to this sheet will be added on July 24, 2021. A lot can happen in three years, and I want to have you the reader to share my journey. What I hope is that reading this will be a spirit-lifting experience.

This isn't going to be all about me. I want to share many inspiring stories from a number of different places with you.

Anyway, this is all I'm going to say in this introduction -- except to let you know that the click-on at the top of this page doesn't go to a tip jar (though I'll be taking you to mine before long). What exactly DOES it lead to? You'll just have to click on it to find out. I'll just say that it's perfectly legal, non-threatening, and won't make any decisions for you.

July 25 activity...

I'm beginning this day by adding what one might call the infrastructure to this sheet.

I'm starting out with my actual Tipping Page  , which I've named Coffee: Black, Fancy-Nancy, Or Somewhere In-Between. This isn't just a page with a tip jar on it. It actually has a growing number of other things that will make for some interesting (my opinion, anyway) reading, so be sure to check it out.

Here is the TweetSequence   I mentioned earlier on this sheet.

Here is the Homepage   for the blog where my tipping page is located. It properly introduces me and provides a handful of links to places where I can be found including right here at Writing.Com.

This is the blog-entry   called My Brass Is Showing… which was written about my decision to go ahead and add a tipping page to this blog.

Even though this blog is the first place that I've put a means of collecting tips -- which are very much needed at this particular time to get me back on my feet again after I was hit with a handful of "surprises" over a short period of time -- this isn't a blog about the same old same old (i.e. Needing some cash ASAP & PDQ).

Instead, it's a kind of blog that isn't of the diary type such as this one (which I need to begin keeping up better):

Begun On My Fourth Sixteenth Birthday  (ASR)
A journal started on Monday, December 12, 2016: The day I turned 64...
#2105415 by AJ wants U 2 meet The CanMan!

is. Nor, is it a promp-inspired one such as these two:

!!! It's Circle Time !!!  (ASR)
"Blogging Circle of Friends" furnishes the prompts & I write about them...
#2120522 by AJ wants U 2 meet The CanMan!
On The Corner of HODGE and PODGE  (13+)
Blog for the Blog City Group
#2125434 by AJ wants U 2 meet The CanMan!

are. And it doesn't have a specific theme such as these two:

My Warm, Fuzzy Larry Blog  (13+)
Things I want to share about Larry "The CanMan" Van Ness...
#2119530 by AJ wants U 2 meet The CanMan!
Sentimental Journeys  (13+)
Traveling back in time: fairly recent time...not so recent time...and time before my time
#2126108 by AJ wants U 2 meet The CanMan!


Instead, it's simply going to be a blog of the VERY spontaneous kind where there's no real rhyme nor reason re: what I put there (unless I'm writing about a birthday celebration or something like that). I guess one might say that it's a kind of hash blog or trail mix kind of blog where a bunch of ingredients are tossed together and whatever that combo turns out to be is delicious — kinda like one of my cheeseballs.

Back when I was in a better income bracket, I used to make cheeseballs on a frequent basis. One of my friends told me that she thought the list of ingredients I used for this or that cheeseball (I had some regular ingredients I added and would then start adding various other ingredients to create the kind of cheeseball I was wanting to make at whatever given time) often sounded gross when put together but they turned out to taste delicious.

Anyway, you now have some idea of where I'm taking this sheet as well as where I'm taking the blog that has become home to my first tipping page, so, I'm going to sign off after I give you my first bit of great news:

A friend gave me a 30-day bus pass, which is one of my essentials. It runs through August 23.

There will come a time when I'm going to have enough money to get caught up and ahead with what I owe and will still have enough to save for the house (designed by me) I want to have built someday along with the acreage on which to build it; take care of my necessary living expenses; have enough for unnecessary-but-nice things; and still have money to pay-it-forward.

However, right now, I'm needing to at least have enough to get back on solid ground again.

If you are reading this sheet right now and are looking for people to treat to coffee.......when it comes to me, every little bit helps whether it's a mini-size ($3) a giant size ($5) or somewhere in-between. Even if you're not in a position to be going around buying coffee, please Tweet and/or otherwise share this sheet.

This sheet is going to be linking to new content for the next three years, ""God Willing & The Creek Don't Rise...", so it will be an interesting journey. Parts of it will be going on even longer than that, as this sheet is already connected to several blogs that will be ongoing.

At this time, I've just gotten back into the routine of setting goals for myself, and you can read my latest entry by going here:

You can keep up with me when it comes to future goal-setting by going here:
Growing My Life  (13+)
A blog about setting goals and the results of the same...
#2120530 by AJ wants U 2 meet The CanMan!

Anyway, that pretty much sums things up for now.

Be sure to check out the other blogs and links that I've posted so far, as one of my goals for this week is to be adding at least a little action to every blog you see.

Thanks, again, for reading. Please return often...

July 27 activity...

It's a little after 7:30 AM, and I need to finish something that I'm going to be adding to this sheet shortly...

August 1 activity...

Today is the first day of a brand new month, and it's already off to a madcap start...

I'll be adding more later — though I can't tell you right at the moment whether "later" means later today or sometime in the near future. I've got a lot to share. At this time, I'm just trying to keep everything paid up enough that it will keep things going this month while I'm working on getting at least on an even keel and, hopefully, a bit ahead...

While I'm doing this, I also want to get caught up with the things I want to write — including finally grand-opening that thing I keep referring to as "THE BIG PROJECT" that I've kept saying that I was going to grand-open very soon.

Over a year has passed since I began working on it, but I still have this crazy notion that I'm going to get it to that place where it will finally be given its beautiful and unique name.

That's all I'm going to be saying for now, as I need to get ready to catch a bus that will be no later than the 3:10 PM bus...

September 19 activity...

It's early in the morning, and I have a big day going on. I'll be writing for at least a couple of hours then getting ready to go out and do some shopping. Will return home to write for a few hours before going out again at sometime after three to do some legal business. After that? God only knows, and He's not telling!!!


(to be continued...)*Cat2**Cat*

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