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There is a link between today's Political Intrigues and the coverup of the Century.
Who would have thought that the Republicans would win the last election? Who would have thought they would not only capture the Presidency but also a majority in the House and Senate? Who would have thought that Donald Trump would turn out to be a good President?

The Democrats, for all their obstruction, are fighting an uphill battle... at least in the short term. If they can retake the House they will be able to do much more damage than they have succeeded in doing so far. Slowly but surely, the shenanigans of the last administration are being revealed. The Obama Administration used the levers of power, BIGTIME for political gain. They covered up Benghazi, Uranium 1, the Clinton E-mail scandal, and have used the Justice Department to keep the public from learning what went on with the opposition research, paid for by the Democratic National committee to justify FISA warrant applications to surveille Trump Associates.

Jeff Sessions, was used shamelessly as a "False Friend" to ingratiate himself to the new president and secure the position as Attorney General. His recusal deprived the incoming administration of the power to reign in a Justice Department staffed by partisans who have worked tirelessly to conceal the full extent of past political abuses. In dribs and drabs some of what took place has come out, but the most damning evidence has been kept under tight wraps. Despite repeated attempts to secure the release of key documents, the Deputy Attorney General has led the Resistance in an effort to damage control the most flagrant abuse of power scandal in American Political history.

Finally, with time running out, the House Intelligence Committee got their party to frame Articles of Impeachment on Rod Rosenstein. They probably won't go through because if the Democrats have dirt on Sessions, they probably have more on enough key Republicans to avert impeachment. Remember that special fund used to pay off accusers of sexual misconduct.., that shameful practice that surfaced several months ago and then quietly went away? The Democrats are hoping to retake power in one or more of the houses of congress which will enable them to continued hiding of the worst of it. The midterms will show the success of their efforts.

In the interim the Liberals will continue to stall, stonewall and obstruct attempts to get to the bottom of truths that show how badly the people have lost control of their government. Those who read this blog will note that I write about a long term effort to cover-up an Alien presence as well as more recent efforts aimed at achieving institutional changes designed to foster a One World Government. This is what the Liberals are angling for and the sad truth is they've had remarkable success. They have long worked to undermine institutions and social norms that underpin the American way of life. While the political squabbles that air daily on the News Channels capture everyones attention, there is a much deeper threat to our Republic that has been gnawing relentlessly since the saucer crash at Roswell New Mexico.

The secret of the Century underlies the strutting and fretting of our politicians and the self-interests of the Military Industrial Complex, which has been pulling the strings and orchestrating public awareness for the past seventy-five years.

If disclosure ever dissipates the public apathy and disbelief clouding our politics, a deeper layer of corruption will be revealed. It will show the full extent of what the word MEDDLING really means and pale the petty squabbling we see today in Washington.
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