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Changes threaten the woman of the house. She alone must make several decisions now.
Her husband would be home soon from the hospital. Time to clean up a bit so the house is ready for him. This episode of carbon-dioxide poisoning really took its toll on her husband and herself. But soon he would be home and life would all go back to normal.

The phone rings, it is the hospital nurse who states that the doctor wants to be notified when she arrives. “Great”, she thinks to herself, “Now what?”

When she arrives at the hospital, she goes straight to the desk and tells the nurse to notify the doctor. She quickly goes to her husbands room. He does not know why the urgency nor what the doctor wants to talk about. So they wait.

About an hour later the doctor comes in and states that they will release her husband but only under certain conditions. He cannot go home, he needs to go directly to a nursing home or long term care facility. His condition is not good and the doctor feels he needs more care than she could provide at home by herself. He now needs round the clock care. The doctor made her promise that she would look for a facility for him and get him admitted in the next two days. He stated that he would never be able to go “home” so this would become his permanent address.

“Wow!” she thought, “how am I going to do this?” She went home still wondering. When she got home she immediately started calling Long Term Care facilities.

They had talked about it several times because of his condition and it only seemed like the logical place for him to be. But they both thought they had more time. More time to pick out a place they both liked. More time to get to know the people and hopefully find out about the activities they may be interested in.

She had to find something now so she lined up some interviews and headed out to look at a couple of places. She thought she found one but the doctor said did it did not provide the right type of care. The doctor assigned the task to the social worker on staff. In the meantime, her doctor called with the results of her tests. After talking to the doctor and telling her the situation with her husband, her doctor said that as long as this change was happening, it would be a good idea to look into Assisted Living places for herself. It was no longer wise or safe for her to live alone.

More Changes. Now she not only had to find a place for her husband, now she needed to find a place for herself. That also meant selling the house and just getting ready to move.

The Winds of Change are in full effect! This almost seems impossible, but she will overcome. As usual, she will persevere and make it work.

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