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The first part in a story/possible book I am writing. Be honest in your reviews!
Blu Astro walked down the street, hiding her blue hair under a hat. She was on the side of the planet Xax that she really wasn’t supposed to be on. The east side of the planet was owned by her species, the Bluxians, and the west side was owned by the hotheaded species of the Regzers. There was almost no difference between the humanoid species except for two things, the Bluxians had blue hair and white stars in their pupils, meanwhile the Regzers had red hair and white tear drops in their pupils. The two species were supposed to stay on their own side as they hated each other, but Blu had always been rebelliously curious as to what the Regzers’ side of the planet was like. As she’d snuck over the border wall, she hid her distinctive blue bob cut under a hat, and her starred eyes behind a large pair of sunglasses. No one had really paid her much mind other than a sparing glance yet. Blu gulped, what she was doing was insane, and illegal. The prison sentence for something like this was around 1,825 sun cycles, which was about five years in earth time. Blu didn’t know what compelled her to investigate this other side, but she did it anyways. Every time she passed someone she gave a stout nod, as not to arose suspicion. Sighing with relief, she entered a shop that had an item of interest sitting in its window.

“What’s this?” She asked the shop keeper. He laughed.
“You children and your jokes. That’s a Plasma Ray, you know that.” He chuckled. Blu faked a laugh.
“Yeah, me and my jokes.” Blu mumbled.
“Say, I don’t recognize you,” The shopkeeper said.
“Uh, I-I just moved house.” Blu lied.
“I see.” The shopkeeper said. “What’s your name? How old are you?”
“I’m Bl-uh, Red. I’m Red. I’m fifteen.” The first part of her statement was obviously a lie, but the second half was truthful.
“I see, well, it’s a pleasure to meet you, Red. You showed interest in that Plasma Ray, would you like to buy it?” The shop keeper asked her. Blu was surprised. She didn’t think she’d ever be able to get this far.
“Buy it? Um, maybe. How much is it?”
“Only twenty quartins.” Blu nodded, she had thirty on her. She handed the shopkeeper the money and grabbed her new ray. Oh, if her parents knew about this purchase, she’d never hear the end of it. “Thank you, come again!” The shopkeeper said. Blu sighed with relief. She thought she was in the clear, but as she left the shop, the security guard noticed something odd. A strand of Blu’s hair was sticking out from under the hat, and he could see it was not the red of a Regzer. He rushed over and pulled the hat from her head. The security guard, the shopkeeper, and everyone else in the shop gasped as Blu’s hair was revealed.
“Bluxian!” A horrified Regzer mother gasped as her baby began to loudly cry.
“She’s a spy!” A man shouted.
“Get her!” The security guard yelled to his companions, pointing an accusing finger at Blu. The trio of security guards began running towards Blu. Blu panicked, and sprinted out the door with a burst of speed. Her sunglasses fell to the floor and she knew she had nothing left to disguise herself.

She sprinted around corners and leaped over trashcans, all with a hoard of security guards not to far behind her. She was running out of breath and needed somewhere to hide, and fast. She glanced behind her to make sure the security guards were just out of sight and quickly ducked into an ally-way and hid behind a trash-can.
“Where’d she go?” The first security guard asked.
“This way!” Another cried, pointing down the street and away from the ally. Blu sighed with relief as she watched them run away. She shoved her new Plasma Ray into the pocket of her gray hoodie and slowly crawled out of the ally, looking around carefully for any Regzers walking around who might see her. Once she was certain the coast was clear, she stood up and pumped a fist. She’d done it.
“I crossed the border wall and didn’t get caught,” She proudly muttered to herself. She spoke to soon. The sound of sirens wailed behind her and cop cars pulled up.
“Bluxian scum!” One of the police officers spat.
“Take one step, or make one move, little miss, and you’ll be in serious trouble.” The police chief said. Blu, knowing she couldn’t run, slowly put her hands up in surrender. She’d been cuffed, shoved forcefully into the backseat of a cop car, and driven off to the police station, where she had been locked in a cell until they could figure out what to do with her.

Blu sighed and looked around her tiny cell. It was cold and dark, and she hated it. Then, she remembered something. They’d stripped her back-pack from her shoulders, but in their haste to apprehend the ‘horrible Bluxian’ they’d completely forgotten about her hoodie pocket, which still contained the Plasma Ray. Blu pulled it out and took a deep breath. This was absolutely crazy. She had no idea how the ray worked, but slowly pointed it at the wall. She hesitated, then pulled the trigger. A blast of plasma shot from the ray and melted a small hole in the wall. Her insane plan was working. She slowly moved the ray in a circular motion and blasted a large opening in the wall. She was home free. She ran outside, knowing she’d have to figure out where to go quickly. She obviously couldn’t stay here, but she couldn’t stay here either. Regzer officers were permitted to cross the wall if the situation involved criminal activity, which Blu definitely knew she had committed. As she glanced at the horizon, she had an idea.

Every day a shuttle sat on the Regzer side of the planet, waiting for an astronaut to take it into the outer reaches of space, and it wasn’t used very often. Blu could use that shuttle to find herself a planet where she couldn’t be tracked.

Blu ran towards the shuttle.
“I’m crazy, I’m crazy, I’m crazy,” She muttered to herself with every footfall. “I’m going to get caught and shot on sight if I do this, but I’m doing it anyways!” She announced to no one in particular. The tiny shuttle in the distance was slowly growing closer and larger as Blu ran towards it. Blu had no idea how she was to fly the ship, but didn’t think about that. All she could focus on was getting away.
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