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I wrote this few months back, about a guy I know from work. All he ever do is lie
The truth in our lives and the lies we make
Why do we lie when we can be honest

Wanting to deceive others whom we call friends
Those who we spend our times with
And to comfort them with a lie

Thinking only for a one time and we call it even
Breaking their trust only in seconds
Only to repeat itself all over again

Praying each time to be your very last
Though already it had become your tongue
Taking over your mind and you not knowing

Time flies like butterflies and you don't know
Believing what you see ignoring the rest
Your eyes see only what you want to see
Seeing the whole world... black and in white

And by the time you realise what you have become
Taking alone time jumping into your past

Wanting to remember all the things you did
Hardly comes to your mind, of all the good you did
Too many to forget though, of all the wrong you did

Realizing of all the opportunities you had missed
Your mind finally sees just more than your eyes did

Wanting to be the same kid that didn't knew how to lie
To be free of something that you made on your own
To be free of something you had built on your own
To be free of something that stained you in the end
To be free of something that you learned from others

Something that you had used to make yourself better
All because you couldn't be brave enough to speak the truth
Realizing you had missed the rainbow that came after the storm...
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