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Muller, Comey, Rosenstein... up to their necks in damage control
Most people are pretty clueless about what the Uranium One scandal was all about. They saw it then as they do now as an attempt to unjustly smear Hillary Clinton. The Devil is in the details. It is supremely ironic that BIGTIME Meddling took place with the Russians in Uranium 1. "Trump/Russian Collusion," pales in comparison and was a device cooked up to deflect public attention away from the misdeeds of the Obama Administration and onto the incoming president... to distract away from the most unbelievable act of political treachery every foisted on the American people. Trump/Russian Collusion became a smokescreen designed to keep the incoming administration so busy answering groundless allegations that the real criminal perpetrators were able to crawl off, under the radar, with their ill gotten gains. So what was really going on?

Back in September of 2005 Bill Clinton and his good buddy, Frank Giustra, a Canadian investor, went to Kazakhatan to close a deal on some uranium mines. The Strong man in Kazakhstan was President Nursultan A. Nazaerbayev a notorious authoritarian dictator. Bill praised this despot in public. Hillary, then a member of the Senate Armed Services committee, threatened to withhold aid if the deal was not done. Shortly thereafter, Giustra was able to purchase the mines. Before the ink dried the Clinton Foundation received a $31.3 million dollar donation with the promise of a $100 million more to follow. This was the first of many thinly disguised bribes that Giustra and his associates funneled to the Clinton's.

There were many other Russian connected actors. Frank Giustrea through a subsequent merger acquired Uranium One. To add to his portfolio he purchased American uranium deposits in Wyoming, Utah, Texas and South Dakota. Rosatom, the Soviet State Nuclear Agency, seeing an opportunity to corner the uranium market, decided to enter the game and began purchasing shares until they had a majority control in Uranium One. For Russia to acquire a Canadian company with US deposits required Washington's approval . Hillary was by now Secretary of State. An Executive level organization named The Committee on Foreign Investment (CFIUS) had the authority to accept or reject the Russian takeover. As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton presided over the nine cabinet officials on the CFIUS board. This committee unanimously approved the Russian takeover of American uranium assets by a Russian company in return for millions in contributions to the foundation.

Naturally in addition to bribery there was plenty of extortion taking place. Robert Muller, the FBI Director, had an informant , William Douglas Campbell who kept the bureau up to speed on all the shenanigans taking place. James Comey, a disciple of Muller took over in 2013 as the FBI was acquiring some of the most damning evidence. Rob Rosenstein, U.S Attorney for the District of Maryland was supervising the the Russian bribery prosecution. Andrew Weissmann was then Chief of the Fraud section in the Criminal Division of the Justice Department. Do any of these names sound familiar? Is it any surprise that these individuals are up to their necks in all this and doing everything in their power to exercise damage control and point the public eye away from their own shameful actions?

This is where the REAL MEDDLING took place. Right now the Liberals are living in mortal dread that Vladimir is going to throw them under the bus. Why do you suppose they were so afraid of Trump/Putin meeting privately?
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