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A jab at English words that sound the same but mean different things
Eye hate two wine, butt English has many words that sound alike. Have you herd; can’t ewe here? Ai want to say shoe too all the repeats.

Deer me, witch won has to go? Wee can’t just toss won arbitrarily; that’s not the way to due things. Aye guess we will way the words to find witch won is more important.

Butt, what about a tye?! Four ewe sea, maybe too me won of the words is worth more, yet not to ewe. Who nose?

It May bee we will agree. Then wee could host a formal ball to celebrate. That won’t bee a parade to pea on fore it will be four all our English speaking hairs. Four now it is a language hole-y full of wholes.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Want a translation? Here you go:<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

I hate to whine, but English has many words that sound alike. Have you heard; can’t you hear? I want to say shew to all the repeats.

Dear me, which one has to go? We can’t just toss one arbitrarily; that’s not the way to do things. I guess we will weigh the words to find which one is more important.

But, what about a tie?! For you see, maybe to me one of the words is worth more, yet not to you. Who knows?

It may be, we will agree. Then we could host a formal Ball to celebrate. That won’t be a parade to pee on, for it will be for all our English speaking heirs. For now, it is a language wholly full of holes.

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