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Random thoughts about the ways of life and how we mature

*That a man isn't judged by "what he knows" but by "how he wears it".

*That friends who break out fast from the gate....often fade in the home stretch.

*That the people who are suspicious of certain things are the very ones who are the most capable of doing that which they are suspicious of.

*That being able to do exactly as one pleases......is the surest way to remain perpetually unpleased.

nobody can misunderstand a child as much as his own parents.

*That the "way" in which we say something is often more important that what we say.

*That the worst sins are committed by indifference, not by actions
*That the atheist who believes in man and doesn't believe in God....can sometimes be closer to holiness that the Christian who believes in God and scorns man.

*That an offer that is "free" is usually the most expensive kind

*That it takes less courage to face death than to face life.
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