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Rated: E · Poetry · Emotional · #2164842
A good poem of emotions
Dreaming of a dream, wishing on a star
Oh, how I wonder where you are
Who am I, am I yours
Should I count it out on my toes
I am running out of air to breathe,
falling on my hands and knees
The world is so dark, yet is full of sound
The colors feed and consume, all of them are so loud
My heart is locked under a tie and key
But my soul longs to be set free
I run and scream, I twist and I shout
While the music fills my being,
But I still am asking how to get out
My wings are lost, my shadow is gone
I have everyone, yet they all disappear at dawn
How do I find the stars in my night
Where is the moon, the giver of a cool light
My sun burns and churns with fire and passion
But where is the moon to sooth my fear in a calming fashion
I am all alone in my fear and darkness
In my fears I am always so heartless
Logically, I see the falsities in my mares of the night
Though, my brain always puts up a fight
The colors sway and fall
as the night drifts down my wall
and the rain seeps into my souls being
How can I not go through life seeing
To be blind towards all of my own faults
I seem to always block out my true dreams and thoughts
Why am I so full of unhappiness
Why are all of my dreams full of joy and sappiness
Yet my logical demeanor always takes over
Then makes my dreams of joy
be crushed like a flooded clover
My life has just begun
And I would do anything to keep it full and fun
The colors dance in my soul to a tune unsung
All the shades of grey in life shine bright and young
The world is so old yet so bright
Just like a mighty bird midflight
And I wish to know this world
As I watch the stars above me spin and swirl
I want to feel a love within me
I want to feel and know the rush of glee
To feel my cheeks blush and the fire of passion and trust
To have my heart break with passion and stardust
Yet, this apathy never seems to leave me
I just wish it would leave me be
But my heart is not that kind
For it always leaves me in a never ending bind
The music may play a song
and the lights may whisper my name all night long
But my mind hides my heart
and my feelings never seem to start
I dream of a love and passion for my life
whose place fills my life with company and light
Yet my mind holds my heart so tight
For the hurt it in the past took away the thought of light
I fear that this new love and adventure will get lost
In the ways of my mind, I hope it doesn't, no matter the cost
I will never be good enough for the days in the sun
I rain will rather hold my hand during the fun
The clouds will whisper my name
for this is the way of life's game
I will hide myself under the rays of warmth
But my lie seeps in the like chill of the morth
I am the hidden lost child within myself
I long to roam the wild,
and take my heart off the shelf
I am the one lost in search of glee
To take my feet off the ground
For this seems the land to which I am bound
And I do not wish to suffer that of the night
I long for world of stars and the sun that is so bright
One day, I know I must be found
To be able to hear the freedom toll sound
And may that be the day I find my light
And may it the the day that I finally take flight!

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