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It's my opinion on existence of god in this world

This is my first blog of my life. Actually this is the first time i am writing about something.
There has been many debate about the very existence of him. You must be wondering why i have used 'him' to describe God. The reason is i believe in God. I think they are everywhere they live inside all of us. When i was a child we had this huge book of Ramayana which my grandmother bought for her sons. Luckily that book is with us in my house.My father is a very religious person, He will do Pooja Twice a day.
He used to read us all the stories of Ramayana, Mahabharata. I was very about all those stories. Earlier i used to think they are alive as in they live here on earth with us. I used to think the Ram still lives in Ayodhaya and Krishna in Dwarka. Later on day i asked my dad about it and he told me they are in heaven now, In simple way dead.
I got so sad after that. But then he told there are only few who are immortals like Hanuman and Ashwathama. Rest of them are not immortals.
Then i grew up, read about many things, experienced many things about god and ghosts.
Now i have my own perception/view about it.
So if you ask me if god or ghost exists then my answer is yes and no. it depends upon you, whether you want to believe it or not. If you believe then yes they both exists and if u don't then they are not.

I have someone talking about an article by Isaac Newton. He explained that the existence of everything in this world can be proved scientifically, he went on explaining from a small nail, to clouds, to rain till the big bang. But what after that. How big bang happened and lets say X triggered big bang then how X got triggered. Then he came to a conclusion that there has to be a supernatural power from where it all started.

I think about all this a lot in free times. What my opinion is i really don't know Ram, Krishna and all other gods ever existed a human being on earth. We have been blindly following the books written by Ved Vyas , Valmiki and many more.
I don't know whether they were based on true events or the saints wanted us to teach that there will be evil, pain,sadness in the world but at the end the good, the truth is going to win.
Like Ram was representing good and Ravana was representing bad.

Its us and our mind which can make us do miracles. I used to think why to go to temples,masjids or churches. But even if the gods did't existed, In temples we get that peace of mind. our mind starts thinking that now i have come to god this problem of mine is going to be solved and trust me god won't come down from heaven to help you but that mentality that my work is going to be done will change everything.

when we go to temples we think now god is with me and he will help me, what actually happens here is you get the courage,confident to do that work. you wont hesitate even once. And we all know if we do something with that level of confidence its going to be a success.
And it all happened? because of god or because of your mind.

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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/2164872-God