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Held at the flying field.
The meeting was convened at 1830.

The following members were in attendance.

Don, Roger, Bob B, Ron, Don R, Larry, Ralph

The Treasurer's report was given.

Opening Balance: $3564.93
Closing Balance: $3656.63

The Secretaries Report was given.

The minutes were accepted.

Old Business:

Brat fry took place at ACE. Allan was on board. Met at 0700 and began setting up.

Roger provided a list of what everybody was supposed to bring. It was based upon what everybody brought last year.

Don made up flyers and coordinated the open fly with visitors who inquired.

Ralph brought a packet of aluminum sheets that were a useful addition and much needed.

Don wanted the Open Fly to be low key and fun. He said he would replace the top to one of the picnic tables that needed repair.

Ralph offered to help fix the wheels on several of the tables that needed maintenance.

New Business:

Field Spring Maintenance: A discussion took place that set the stage for cutting and fertilizing the field. It looks good but it is definitely time to cut the grass. Bob O'Connoer said he would put out a schedule. Friday afternoon was agreed to as a time. Talk took place on the Hansens. They will be charging us to fix the road and promised to provide an estimate before the work begins. It was agreed to take that project one step at a time.

Meeting ended at 1913 hrs.

Robert Barclay, Secretary
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