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Held 2 July 2018 at the Flying Field
The meeting convened at 1830 hrs.

Those Attending: Don, Roger, Bob B, Bob O, Ron, Rick, Ralph, Larry, John and Don R.

Treasurer's Report:

Opening: $3480.36

The Secretaries Report was read.

The two reports were accepted.

Old Business:

The meeting began with the same discussion regarding the road and the future of the club. John asked what we intended to do in a worst case scenario. There was some discussion on what the options might be. These were hypotheticals that involved different possibilities for finding a new field. The consensus was to cross that bridge when we came to it. Larry said we need to keep on with what we are doing and see what the landowner does.

There was a recap of last month's decision to pass on another Brat Fry Fundraiser.

New Business:

Ron raised the question of how we can promote new membership. This was followed by the possibility of raising membership dues. There was no consensus on adopting this course of action.

The question was raised on using matte fabric to make a runway for smaller airplanes. Prop strikes, mowers sucking up the edges and the short service life of the materials was discussed. There was no consensus on adopting or rejecting this course of action.

John inquired as to the status of Indoor fly next year. Roger said we have an extension of one more year.

The discussion shifted to plans for field maintenance during the month of July. The second or third week was offered as a possibility. Larry agreed to pick up 13 bags of "Randy's Special." Bob O said he would finalize the scheduling.

A motion was made to adjourn and carried at 1945.

Robert P. Barclay
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