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For bird lovers
Freedom of living is flying high like a bird
To be free from gravity to some point
Flying through the sky gracefully
Looking upon the landscape
Flying through the clouds
Looking beneath the blue oceans
And all of it so easily with the calming winds
All of it so easily just by flapping your wings

Travelling in a group
Knowing to work as one
Singing through the sky
Learning to share
Befriending all your team mates
Teaching to warn danger
Is the way we should live
Knowing when you are free as a bird

Looking alike, the same size
Crossing nearly a thousand miles
Feeling the same wind, feeling the same heat
Crossing nearly a thousand miles never to quit
Singing over the sky, entertaining the ones below
Feeling the same joy heading towards a new home
Sharing the same joy landing on to new home

Is the way we should live
Knowing you are free as a bird

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