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A fairy love story told of happiness, tragedy, and healing.
"Sundown, Sunup"

The two of us, souls once seemed as one
teamed together, tripp'n to gleeful tunes
dressed in floral hues,
highlighted on Nature's backdrop,
sketched in complimentary compositions
drawn by life's earthy design
and directed by dance
in unison with hummingbirds and dragonflies.

Young lovers, we were, donning fairy finery,
garments sewn with threads of breathy whispers
and adorned with sequins of secret wishes
and pearly kisses, stitched to your blue-tinted
linen britches and my ever flowing gauzy shift.

Hand in hand, heart touching heart,
we dared to cross the evening's threshold
of the Grand Forest Door, fluttering onto a field
filled with verdant magic and a myriad of marigolds
for a tryst of teasing and pleasing.

Sundown Dances were meant for our flying spirits;
free-falling from twilight to midnight and beyond,
soaring with night sky's spiraling sparks,
creating trails of giggles and laughing tears
raining from stars.
Serendipitous love songs ensued in flight
on our Summer Solstice Eve Celebration.

On one occasion of late Summer Season,
we two charismatic mates
met with an unexpected encounter; a foe to fae.
In a fit of furor, cloaked under a disguise of a dark
and frigid fog, a hostile entity committed a kidnapping.
Fluttering beats in my chest as your voice stuttering
away from me, vanishing forever, our lives ripped apart.
Frayed heart-threads remained.

Your eyes lost to the infinite stars gazing back to me,
your voice lingers as wind-whispers on tree breezes,
I imagine your touch as ethereal feathers
dry brushing my wet cheeks.
And so it came to pass, Sundown Dances promised
apparitions; ghosts living on back roads of my mind,
roaming inside hazy dreams and stalking memories.
Taunting and haunting pursued and disturbed.
My life left to live alone, lamenting with the trilling;
who but another warbler would understand the grief?

Long ago yesterday, after many Sundowns,
stars continue to reach for my sorrows with offers
of condolences. From somewhere above and far away,
I feel your energy piercing through the night sky,
searching for our love songs to embrace and comfort.
Then I am reminded. Warmth and healing arrives
with the Brightest Star at Sunup.

line count 50

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