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Contest entry
Contest entry for Endings are the New Beginnings Contest, Aug. 1, 2018

Prompt: peace as my mind's chatter becomes numb

Peace as my mind's chatter becomes numb
I sink into the abyss mentally spent.
Respite for a few short hours then
Anguish returns.
My waking hours are torture
Since you left.
The chatter returns.
Endless voices scream of how
We loved, we laughed, we lived.
You died.
I feel that life has left me as well.

Numbness is a welcomed friend.
At least in its presence
I cease to think of our life together.
There is no end to this hell.
I seek the sanctity of solace
In sleep that is eternal.

Can there ever be peace
This side of paradise?
The voices think not,
Hellish harbingers that
Can not be hushed,
Except in the silent sanity of sleep.

Come now sweet Peace.
Take me to the place where we are
Together-happy, loving, alive;
A place of no sorrow.
Take me to the place of my dreams.

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