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In an existence of legends, fairy tales and truths, a people discuss their plans for them.
         Many hundreds of quadrillions of light years away on desert planet, in the largest recorded oasis lies the capital city of an empire, built upon peace, equality, and freedom. A city ringed by mountains which keep out the unwanted, the evils and dangers of the desert and other areas of the planet. At its center a massive mountain stood with a bright and beautiful palace built upon and within it, there lived the many people and rulers of this empire, rich, poor, in-firmed, all were welcome so long as their hearts held no great malice.

         But enough of that, not that it isn't important, our focus is upon a meeting with some of the leaders of this empire, the Lords and Ladies as they are known were discussing among themselves the problem of Immortals. Immortals refer to a group of people that live in the worlds of human fantasy, universes that were created from the essence of imagination and given life by God, a people humans and other mortals call gods. The Lords are a powerful and ancient race, once they lived on Earth at the beginning of time and after nearly 8000 years were commanded to leave forever, during that time they had grown in knowledge and technological power seeking to understand all of God's creation in great detail, and had acceded most known great advanced races in the multiverse. When they left Earth they were given power from God to protect themselves and their future people, the power to control matter and energy.

         These Lords were at a point in which mortals and the Immortals were pushing their patience in calling things gods when their power is so limited or non-existent. Such as Olympians, Asgardians, Kryptonians, and the people who labeled them so just to name a few.

         "How long can we let this continue?" A Lady by the name of Hannah, asked this close council, "So many souls have been diluted by these false deities who present their power in order to force worship of them?" One Lord at the end of the table, of a seven who were most important with their staffs, robes, and high back chairs, spoke as soon as she finished. "Sister Hannah, I understand your ire, we had dealt with many similar instants back on Earth. The problem is on Earth they were empty statues, dead carvings, raving mad folk, imaginings of humans, or demons we handled and sent to the Angels for imprisonment." He paused in thought as he remembered the ancient days, "These Immortals however have power and no demonic forces to empower them which has kept us from interfering in the past. Now it has come to a point on many worlds I know they must be confronted as well as be reminded their original purpose."

         The Supreme Lord as he was called in these meetings, had once been brought to the Bridgelands, a barrier between the Physical and Spiritual realms with the Kingdom of Heaven at its center, where one of the Archangels gave him a tome with the origin of the Immortals. They had been created in various ways, some of which were altered in mortal minds over time, in order to restore order of nature in that the Devil had ruined in many Earth-like worlds. The Titans in Greek realms were created to reform the worlds from their devastation, and the Immortals(myth gods) were created from them to maintain order, such as the movement of the Sun, conducting souls to Angels of Death who lead them to Heaven or Hell, or teach mortals how to make medicine. In most worlds like these the power went to their heads and started to use their power to enforce their rule and make them worship them instead of God.
Worse of all mortals went with it and made things go bad even further.

         To these Lords it was intolerable especially since so many were being condemned for all eternity. One Lord furiously stood up. "We need to do something, make a statement! Prove to mortals the impotence of these usurpers!" The Supreme Lord waved his hand. "Peace Brother William, we should make a statement, but it must not cost so many lives in the end." William sighed then looked to his elder brother, "What do you propose we do?" The Elder Lord looked to all the others and said "I propose one of us takes the place of one of the people and in doing so garner the attention of the Immortals and confront them on their true purpose." This caused the others to murmur among themselves. "However doing so, that one would have the blood of any victims who get caught in the crossfire on their hands which is why I am willing to take this burden so others may not."

         The other Lords were worried, their Elder was suggesting one of them go and put themselves in a position that would wrack themselves in horrendous guilt if it goes terribly wrong, something none were willing to object against and volunteer much to their shame. "Very well, I shall make the preparations and begin within the next loop." One Lady spoke up, "But which world Supreme one?"

         A month later it was made clear, their Elder was to take the place of a very bloody warrior in order to prove their point, it would be painful and what transpired while not as horrible was not nearly as guilt wracking as the original timeline.

(Authors note: short yeah I know, but I am getting better, so please review if you enjoyed and only constructive criticism please.)
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