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A poem about being in and holding on to positive self image
Remember when you fell, tripped or were banged

Amongst the crowd only I stepped to give you hand

Remember you wrere surrounded by foes and you felt so trapped

I rushed to you, heeding noone, to hold you before you were sapped

I fanatically cheered when you ever felt so sad

Telling you Never ever there's ever a bruise or guilt that ever’s so bad

There’s still not a chasm from where I can never bring you back

I am the half in you you ever thought you had lacked

Never in doom or in defeat to you shall I ever deem

Unconditionally is my regard, forever Yours Truly - SELF ESTEEM :)

I never ever shared a joke you would have never laughed...

I never ever condemned nor ridiculed on your broken heart.

Never forlorn, never betrayed, never apart even in a dream

Unconditionally is my regard, Forever till eternity, Yours Truly - SELF ESTEEM :)

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