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Poem written for Endings are the New Beginning July 2018 Lines:
Peace as my mind’s chatter becomes numb,
My heart starts racing like a drum.
The drops of sweat drip down my face,
When I enter my happy place.

The thoughts that haunt me day and night,
That often give me quite a fright,
Are silenced in the moment here,
As I stand to fight my fear.

My opponent is all that I can see,
As I try to be the best I can be.
My hands are up as my feet stand strong,
Fighting stance is where I belong.

When I’m here and focused now,
The sweat still dripping from my brow,
Nothing in the world can be,
Except my opponent and me.

In the ring where peace is found,
I cannot hear a single sound,
My head is clear, my thoughts are calm,
Fighting soothes just like a balm.

Most people, they can’t understand,
Standing here, stick in hand,
The stress of life just melts away,
To be worried about another day.

Violence is not the reason why,
I stand and fight, as punches fly,
For me, the goal is not to hurt,
But to make my cloudy mind alert.

Pay attention, think it through,
Make your next move something new.
Dodging, blocking, striking, still,
Peace of mind is what I feel.

When I step up to the fight,
It’s not to prove my strength or might.
Instead, it is to calm my mind,
And release me from the chains that bind.

Violence may be what you see,
But peace is what it means to me.

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