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Rated: E · Fiction · Relationship · #2165231
A young man is torn between two women.
Written for a Daily Flash Fiction challenge to write a story that includes someone trying to decide between two lovers.

Robert loved Susan more than he’d ever loved anyone else. Except Janie.

He’d met Susan at a wedding reception for a mutual friend. Over the course of an hour, a casual conversation exploded into a full-blown romance. Within two weeks they decided to live together, and talked of marriage. Robert even took Susan home to meet his family.

But shortly after they moved in together, Robert began to sense that something was wrong. Susan often seemed distracted, and a bit aloof.

Then Robert met Janie. Every bit as vivacious as Susan, Janie walked head-on into Robert while checking her phone. Instantly, Robert was intrigued. He still loved Susan, but in Janie he saw an ideal blend of looks, personality, and lack of the baggage his relationship with Susan carried.

He decided to have a serious talk with Susan, just to find out where she was coming from. But he wasn’t prepared for her answer. “I think I’m in love with Craig,” she told him. She’d met Robert’s brother the evening Robert had introduced her to his family.

“Well,” he told Susan, “it can’t be his looks. We’re identical twins.”

“On the outside, maybe. But inside, there’s something different.”

Robert was torn between two thoughts. Did Craig know about this? And, should Robert use this as a reason to choose Janie over Susan? “Have you and my brother been hooking up?” Robert wanted to know. “Because he should have told me. It’s what brothers do.”

Susan glared at Robert. “You have a lot of nerve, acting so put upon. Maybe you’d care to explain your little tryst with Janie last week.”

Robert’s head jerked. “I didn’t, um ... how did you know about Janie?”

Susan huffed. “She told me all about it.”

“But how--”

“It’s what sisters do.”
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/2165231-Delicate-Dilemma