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How to help support someone who has been through abuse
A Cry for Help

God knows the tears you’ve cried
over the innocence lost as a child
and every time you looked in a mirror,
your reflection you reviled.

A savage touch caused devastation
you thought beyond repair,
and years of people saying “keep quiet”
made you feel like no one cared.

But you need to know right now my friend
that the fault was not your own
and the shame you feel is just a lie
turning your heart to stone.

When you’re at the end of your rope
wanting to give up and hide,
you need to cry out to someone
in whom you can confide.

You spend all your nights praying
for someone to reach out
to take away your pain and fear
and remove all your doubt.

You want someone to hold you-
tell you it’ll be alright-
that the suffering you’re going through
will only last the night.

So I’ll sit with you for a little while,
embrace you as your tears run free
and tell you the truth you need to hear
until you can finally see…

Even when you’ve hit rock bottom,
you need to know you’re not alone.
God has been with you this whole time,
proud to call you His own.

God did not make a mistake
when He called you a work of art.
All creation applauds when they see
your tender, giving heart.

You deserve to be loved.
You are worth more than gold-
an irreplaceable angel,
a priceless treasure to behold.

I know it can be hard to have faith
that the blessed assurance of healing is true,
but God gives the grace day by day
and He will never forsake you.
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