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by Camila
Rated: 13+ · Other · Personal · #2165276
It's been a while since i've written so I hope you guys enjoy.
close my eyes and i see you
back when things use to be okay
back to when everything was right and i was happy
i open my eyes again and your gone
everything is gone you’ve token your feelings with you and you took the happiness straight out of me
i wish i could go back i would stay i wish i could say i didn’t know where i went wrong but i know the exact moments i went wrong and would do or give anything to take it back
i don’t regret meeting you though because you’ve made me the happiest i could have possibly been and looking back i hope you were happy too
now i see you in everything and just makes everything worst
i can’t get through a day without thinking about you
and i hope someday we’ll meeting again somewhere and hope the good times come back to you
i don’t need to say anything else to you anymore because everything that was needed to say was said and no matter how many times i decide to apologize it’s always up to you
although i’m not trying to change your mind i just want you to hear my side of the story
how i feel so foolish for saying what was said
i’m so embarrassed i can’t even explain what i said without wanting to cry
and i know i don’t just miss the nice things you said because your actions were enough and i just want you back
i can’t have you back that’s the thing
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/2165276-Life-is-still-the-same